Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mrs. Mooseburger, Pt #2: What Will Happen If Sarah's Son Goes To Iraq?

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...And Finds Out They Don't Have Mooseburgers?

"I'm a mom, and my son is going to get deployed in September, and we better have a real clear plan for this war," she said. "And it better not have to do with oil and dependence on foreign energy."
Cheer up Sarah, it could be worse. He could be deployed to the Caspian Sea to protect Halliburton there:

Global Research - Jan. 10, 2008
In June 1999, in the immediate aftermath of the bombing of Yugoslavia, US forces seized 1,000 acres of farm land in southeast Kosovo at Uresevia, near the Macedonia border, and began the construction of a camp. Brown and Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton, currently provides all of the services to the camp. This same company receives $180 million per year to build military facilities in Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, and several other countries. Presently, the Bondsteel template is being supported in Georgia and Azerbaijan. According to Chalmers Johnson, author of “America’s Empire of Bases,” the US has about 1000 bases around the world. “Once upon a time, you could trace the spread of imperialism by counting up colonies,” says Johnson. “America’s version of the colony is the military base.”

Kosovo is an American colony.

The main purpose for the Bondsteel military base is to provide security for the construction of the Albanian-Macedonian-Bulgarian oil pipeline (AMBO). The AMBO trans-Balkan pipeline will link up with the corridors between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea basin, which holds close to 50 billion barrels of oil.
Sarah, Bush DID have a clear plan for this war: to secure oil. Politicians (those people you might have to deal with in Washington) have been up to their asses in oil for the last ten years. So has the military.

(But, ssshh, the public doesn't know that. Anyway, what they can't find on a map won't hurt them!)

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