Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Obama Assassination Attempt Reminds Us: Vote With Reason ...

...And Not HatredWhile an actual attempt on Barack Obama's life was not carried out, the knowledge that two self-proclaimed skinheads (one affiliated with Supreme White Alliance*) had outlined a plan to kill him and as many African Americans as they could is a chilling indictment of the hatred that still resides in this country.

Think of it: at no time in recent history has an election year been as contentious and vicious. Local, state and Federal campaigns across the country have focused on character assassination and smear tactics while bribery, corruption, lies and cronyism along with every other horrendous trait of dirty politics is left to be discovered by journalists and bloggers.

We've seen "family values" campaigns using blackmail and intimidation. We've witnessed candidates like Sarah Palin continuing to use fear of the unknown and wild accusations. We've viewed religious clergy openly attacking candidates and policies from the pulpit. And we've experienced just how expensive it is for a party to campaign - even down to a candidate's clothing allowance.

Mob mentality has begun to creep into our democracy. Early voters are being aggressively harassed.

When the energy (and possible violence) of November 4th dies down,
the symptoms of all the anger will not.

Just a thought.

* I realize that flippancy at this point would be distasteful, but I can't resist passing on this comment made in the blog of The Southern Poverty Law Center: "Oh wow. I thought the “Supreme White Alliance” was a bunch of drag queens who worshipped Diana Ross." LOL!

WWJD About Prop 8? Find Him In This Collage of Love!

O.K., Mormons will never go for the above. They "invested" $10 million in Proposition 8 and no matter what the Bible says, they will NOT give gays and lesbians equal marriage rights. To them, it's a matter of economics: they get more money from traditional "families" and tithes than they do from gay couples.

I especially love the dictum: "Marriage is honorable in all." Can't you hear the screams right now? "The Bible didn't mean same-sex marriage!" Oh? Then how come Jesus honored the relationship between the Roman Centurian and his slave? While true Biblical scholars don't overlook the possibility, bible-thumpers and televangelists always seem to forget about that part of scripture and it's Greek translation!

Below is a collage of loving couples. Some of them may just be a bit lustful, but some of them pray for the day when they will have the equality to marry. Does anyone who's human want to stand in their way?

Just a thought.

From Comtemptuous to Desperate: Lies in the Prop 8 Campaign Will Be Uncovered Sooner Or Later

But For The Sake Of Equality,
The Discovery Must Be NOW!

The supporters of California's Proposition 8 have used lies and even extortion to get what they want: discrimination.

Discrimination (especially focused discrimination such as Prop 8) is the start of Fascism. Lies are the foundation of discrimination. Here is a good video answering the lies put forth by, the organization that wrote the blackmail letter to thirty businesses demanding money.