Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Get Ready For The Idiocy of Dinosaurs Cavorting With Adam and Eve!!!

This is the Mural That Started The Dover, Penn. Controversey.

In August, a mural depicting human evolution, painted by a 1998 graduating senior and donated to the science department, disappeared from a science classroom. The four-by-sixteen-foot painting had been propped on a chalkboard tray because custodians refused to mount it on the wall. Spahr learned that the building and grounds supervisor had ordered it burned. In June 2004, board member William Buckingham, Bonsell’s co-instigator of the ID policy, told Spahr that he “gleefully watched it burn” because he disliked its portrayal of evolution. (from Creation and Intelligent Design Watch)

Tomorrow is the 83rd Anniversary of the Scopes "Monkey Trial" and I will try my best tonight to give a small series on the idiocies of Creationism, the Creation Museum, and young-earth Christians. I'll have a lot of pictures and some videos. It will be at least 3 posts, if not more.

And...I'll try to see what the presidential candidates think about "Creationism" taught in schools. Hang on, because this Thursday is going to be bumpy! I may have to stay up quite late to do it, so if the reasoning get a bit blurry, you'll know why.

Stay Tuned!

On The Verge of War with TWO Countries: The Result of Absolutely NO Diplomacy.

Support for American Missile Defense System on Prague's Castle Hill

How Will Obama and McCain React?

These Two items have just hit the newswires within the last several hours:

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran test fired nine long- and medium-range missiles on Wednesday, state media said, including one which it has said could reach Israel and U.S. bases in the region.

The tests occurred at a time of increased tension between Iran and Israel over Tehran's nuclear program, which the West fears is aimed at making bombs. Iran, the world's fourth-largest oil exporter, says its program is only for electricity.

A New York Times report in June said Israel had practiced an attack on Iranian nuclear sites, and the tension has rattled financial markets. U.S. and London Brent crude oil futures rose by more than a dollar on news of Iran firing the missiles.


By Arshad Mohammed and Jan Lopatka 2 hours, 14 minutes ago

PRAGUE (Reuters) - The United States signed a pact on Tuesday to build part of a U.S. missile defense shield in the Czech Republic, prompting neighboring Russia to warn it will react with military means if the shield is deployed.

The U.S. and Czech foreign ministers toasted with champagne after signing the accord to place a tracking radar southwest of Prague as part of a system to protect against the perceived threat of missile attack from countries such as Iran.

But Russia, in a statement reminiscent of Cold War rhetoric, warned the United States against deploying the shield close to its borders.

"If the real deployment of an American strategic missile defense shield begins close to our borders, then we will be forced to react not with diplomatic methods, but with military-technical methods," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement on its website.

Bush will have his legacy:

leading us into two cold wars or...
leading into two more actual wars.

Both McCain and Obama must hate Bush. He's continuing to do damage in the realm of foreign relations. McCain, of course, will not be as effusive in his opposition as Obama, but I'll bet McCain is cursing Bush right now! He's got what? 190 to go? With this guy on a roll, not even Antartica is safe.

"War? Didn't the idiot see Happy Feet?"

Yes, the poster below is before the last election, but it's even more appropriate now,
don't you think?


Christofascism At Its Finest

The Faces of Christofascism Are Out There!

Take a look at these small spots and you will see the faces of people who love it when they can incite hatred. The clips are of Rod Parsley, John Hagee, Benny Hinn. Creflo Dollar and Ken Copeland.

They are all powerful men. And power corrupts.

And they all have a particular aura about them: more than anyone else, they love themselves. "Word of Faith" preachers are being investigated for a reason: they live better than any one of their "flock/sheep". Among them, only Joyce Meyer gives the impression that she's in the business for the money - she's honest about it.

The hate business is a funny thing: it can make you look incredibly stupid. Not fanatic. Not crazy.


If hatred is man's most stupid emotion, then these people peddle stupidity. Some people call them "pulpit pimps." They make Elmer Gantry look positively angelic.

"I'm a Hustler, Baby!" is courtesy of Pulpit Pimps Exposed.

Who Are The Ones With The Baseball Bats? Gays or "Religions" Like Tony Perkins and the FRC?

The Audacity of Hatred

The Family Research Council really hit the HATE button today with Tony Perkins' FRC online newsletter: (emphasis my own)

Religious Liberty at Risk?

This Thursday at 10:00 a.m. FRC will host one of the most important panels in its history, a gathering of legal and religious scholars who will discuss the impact on the church of California's sweeping Supreme Court ruling on homosexual marriage. Each time a court rules for homosexual unions, whether full-fledged marriage or something akin to it, the question is raised whether the church and parachurch ministries can continue to reserve their rites and access to their facilities and programs to heterosexual couples. The question is particularly poignant now for a variety of reasons. Increasingly, legislative bodies and human rights commissions overseas are moving against pastors who speak out against homosexual conduct. U.S. courts are citing foreign cases and practices from liberal nations with increasing frequency. In addition, the California ruling on May 15, decided by a 4-3 margin, established homosexuals as a "suspect class" for the purpose of analyzing laws affecting them. That means, for all intents and purposes, that "discrimination" against gay sexuality is the equivalent of racial prejudice under California law.

O.K., let's look at this piece rationally (something that FRC never actually attempts to do since "faith" and reason never mix).

First, the title: Freedom of Religion at Risk? To many people, Freedom of Religion means freedom to worship (or not) in which ever way according to his conscience. Notice that FRC did NOT invite Hindus, Buddhists, and certainly not Muslims. Despite the attendance of one Jewish Orthodox speaker, this judgment fest will be strictly CHRISTIAN ONLY. What Perkins means, of course, is the freedom to spout hatred from the pulpit. He's right to be afraid of this occurrence: for many religious leaders, hatred is about the only thing they can preach. Don't give us this "love the sinner but hate the sin" crap either. Preachers know that this is beyond human nature. They count on it. "Love the sinner" is only a PR spin.

Church and Parachurch Ministries...reserve their rites... Of course they can! The law cannot force them to marry homosexual couples.

...moving out against pastors who speak out against homosexual conduct. The law recognizes that pastors have a certain amount of influence over their flocks (of sheep). And some pastors' rhetoric gets very close to inciting violence. Anyone who is as demonized as gays have been are looked upon as Satan incarnate. The time of the witch burnings in Europe (we only hung ours) 100,000 innocent women (perhaps more) were targeted simply because they were old and had knowledge of herbal medicines. The moment a group of "sinners" is tauted as unrepentent, they are therefore evil and must at least be shunned or at most - be destroyed. As any Muslim-American how this works.

...established homosexuals as a "suspect class" notice that Perkins doesn't fully explain what this means. He allows the pejorative to sink in.

...equivalent of racial prejudice. In a way, it is - especially with the military and the churches themselves. Instead of racially profiling in the usual way, military and religious leaders pass out in-depth pamphlets on how to "spot" a homosexual. Knowing too many show tunes can get you into trouble!

Now let's look at the rest of Perkins' little homophobic event:

Please join us as Seamus Hasson of the Becket Fund, Prof. Chai Feldblum of Georgetown University, Ben Bull of the Alliance Defense Fund, Teresa Stanton Collett of the St. Thomas School of Law, Nathan J. Diament of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations and I discuss this vital issue.

Seamus Hasson: for all practical purposes, Hassen is (although Catholic) a Fundamentalist lawyer who may fight for religious freedom, but also presses for prayer in schools.

Actually, the list contains lawyers. Period. The Alliance Defense Fund is the child of Pat Robertson and his very own Regent University.

Really, would you trust this group to be unbiased? It looks more like the judges indicted at the Nuremberg Trials.

Unfortunately, there are some people who might believe anything these people say, turn it to their own homophobic advantage and manage to get someone killed.

And that's the way of the world.