Sunday, December 30, 2007

Huckabee's Pick for VP - BARNEY RUBBLE!!

Just before the Iowa primaries, these comments about Huckabee have been reported by Marc Ambinder in The

Owen Walker, a farmer from Indianola, became a convert [to Hucksterism] today. "He's got… he's got heart. He's a good man," he said. A fundamentally decent guy. "A down to earth person who we're going to be able to trust."

His friend, Jim Meadows, told me: "When I really came to realize that he'd be a good candidate is when he demonstrated during the debates that he showed a lot of wisdom in the way he answered the question. The man is a genuine next-door neighbor type." [emphasis added]

Sorry, but I don’t want a guy who spouts homespun platitudes and mows the lawn regularly. I want someone like West Wing’s Josiah Barlett: a Renaissance man who has a good grasp of world economics, is eloquent, speaks several languages, likes Mozart, knows about a country before he alights from Air Force One, and can preside over a state dinner (that’s, state, not steak).

I certainly don’t want a president who gives impromptu back rubs to heads of state or talks to them with his mouth full. Let’ face it, folks: every time our current leader put his best foot forward for a VIP, it landed in a cowpat at Crawford.

And besides being “down to earth,” Huckabee is supposedly a “young earth” creationist (as are most Southern Baptists). Will he have a photo-op at the Creation Museum in Kentucky with Adam and Eve as they’re cavorting with dinosaurs? Will he espouse what is now universally known as “Yabba Dabba Science”?

Will he pick Barney Rubble as a running mate?

Nah. Give me a sophisticated New York neighbor: The Honeymooners’ Ed Norton.