Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hagee Update: Lieberman Loves Him!!

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From: Andy Sullivan

Senator Joe Lieberman, an independent who frequently campaigns with McCain, said pastor John Hagee's support for Israel outweighed the remarks that led McCain to reject his endorsement.

...Hagee has written that events in the Middle East point to an imminent apocalypse Christians should welcome, and in several books envisions a climactic battle in Israel leading to the second coming of Jesus. Christians United for Israel takes an uncompromising stance toward Israel's enemies and opposes giving land to the Palestinians.

Hagee said that it was up to Israelis to reach their own peace terms, and said the group was not trying to bring about a biblical apocalypse in the Middle East.

"We don't believe that we can speed up the End of Days one second because we believe that God has shown that he will set the time," Hagee said.

An organization supporting a negotiated peace in the Middle East, J Street, said it had delivered a 40,000-signature petition to Lieberman's office urging him not to speak to Hagee's group.

"We don't believe..." WHAT?!!

Hagee's been trying to speed up the End of Days his whole ministerial life! Give us a break! He's got "rapturists" and "End-Timers" salivating at the thought of telling God to hurry! He wants (like Rod Parsley, CUFI's regional manager) Israel to DESTROY the Palestinians and DESTROY Islam! He wants war even worse than George Bush!

Now we REALLY have to know what's going on with Lieberman in tow! Secret meetings, endorsements from senators... things are getting worse.

Heaven help us.

Hagee and Gary Bauer: Hate Speech Takes It Underground?

But Will God Be Allowed To Listen In?

Dana Milbank, columnist
Washington Sketch
Washington Post, July 23

"I have some bad news for you," announced the group's spokeswoman, Avraleigh Keats, when reporters showed up for a panel with Hagee and Gary Bauer, president of the group American Values, yesterday morning. "There's been a change. There's no press allowed. . . . No interviews. No filming. Nothing."

So why did Hagee's group announce the summit agenda with such fanfare and invite the public to watch? Executive Director David Brog speculated darkly: "I don't know if it was someone trying to sabotage us."

....Asked for an account of Hagee's secret meeting, Brog replied: "We're not going to make that transcript available."

Read the entire article here.

It seems as if CUFI is following the style of the Bush administration: everything must be secret!!

Secrecy is becoming a familiar pattern for Hagee. Earlier this month, he and his copyright lawyers managed to get YouTube to remove 120 videos of him preaching. And now, for the first time, he wanted to have his "summit" meeting in private.

And why pull sermons from YouTube? Doesn't Hagee believe that The Word of God will transcend? Maybe not. All things considered, this stinks. Something is rotten, and Christofascist Hagee is stupid enough to think that nobody will suspect anything. We expect the Bush administration to do things behind closed doors, but not faith-based concerns like Christians United for Israel. And will the "honored guest list" be in attendance in disguises? Joe Lieberman? Gary Bauer? Jonathan Falwell? Rick Santorum? Michael Little (Pres. of Pat Robertson's CBN)? Dennis Prager?

Maybe they'll all meet in the hotel kitchen. That looks to be Hagee's favorite hangout.

Things in Christofascistland are getting weirder and weirder.

Pastor John Hagee Going To His Secret Meeting!

Sorry - When I Saw This I Couldn't Resist Posting it!

United We Hate!

United We Hate!
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This actually looks a lot like Tony Perkins' "Values Voters Summit." Or, it could be another "secret" session of Christofascists. They just can't get the "secret" part right.