Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Sins of Rick Warren: #5 - Hypocrisy Is The Pure NAKED Truth! The Bible Says So! At Least In MY Version!

Purveyors of purpose-driven relevance are not shepherds of men’s souls but wolves in sheep’s clothing. -Extreme Theology

By Paul Proctor

March 15, 2006

Rick Warren: ...I am an evangelical. I'm not a member of the religious right and I'm not a fundamentalist ...Today there really aren't that many Fundamentalists left; I don't know if you know that or not, but they are such a minority; there aren't that many Fundamentalists left in America."

(From wikipedia):

Over time the term [Fundamentalism] came to be associated with a particular segment of Evangelical Protestantism, who distinguished themselves by their separatist approach toward modernity, toward aspects of the culture which they feel typify the modern world, and toward other Christians who did not similarly separate themselves.
Warren is capitalizing on confusion: what he sees as an evangelical, used to be thought of as a fundamentalist. He's also a literalist when he deems it necessary to put the stamp of God on his argument.

Pastor Rick's Saddleback website sings different tunes when it comes to what his Saddleback Church believes. It's political, fundamentalist, homophobic, right-wing and...just plain hypocritical!


The Bible is God’s word to all men. It was written by human authors, under the supernatural guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is the supreme source of truth for Christian beliefs and living. Because it is inspired by God, it is truth without any mixture of error. 2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:20, 21; 2 Timothy 1:13; Psalm 119:105,160, 12:6; Proverbs 30:5
Translation: Whatever Scripture we quote to you from whatever version, you'd better believe it word for word!


Salvation is a gift from God to man. Man can never make up for his sin by self-improvement or good works – only by trusting in Jesus Christ as God’s offer of forgiveness can man be saved from sin’s penalty. Eternal life begins the moment one receives Jesus Christ into his life by faith. Romans 6:23; Ephesians 2:8, 9; John 14:6, 1:12; Titus 3:5; Galatians 3:26; Romans 5:1

Translation: Go ahead and give all the damn bake sales you want, you're still going to hell if you don't toe the line!


Today, those with HIV and AIDS are often treated as outcasts, forcing them to hide even from family members out of fear or shame. It is likely that someone in your workplace or church is HIV-positive and you don’t know it. Because Jesus loved, touched, and cared for those who were sick, we must too.

We care because God cares
. We care because people matter to God and to us.

Translation: We don't give a rat's ass about churches not doing squat during the 80s and 90s. We only care about good PR for the present.


Like the disastrous George W. Bush, Rick Warren points to Saddleback's extensive work in Africa regarding AIDS:

(Max Blumenthal, The Daily Beast)

However, an investigation into Warren’s involvement in Africa reveals a web of alliances with right-wing clergymen who have sidelined science-based approaches to combating AIDS in favor of abstinence-only education. More disturbingly, Warren’s allies have rolled back key elements of one of the continent’s most successful initiative, the so-called ABC program in Uganda.

And last, but certainly not least, let's read what Saddleback says about homosexuality by citing DIFFERENT TRANSLATIONS:

"Homosexuality is absolutely forbidden, for it is an enormous sin." Lev. 18:22 (TLB)

Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God." 1 Cor 6:9-11 (NIV)

From Wikipedia about TLB:

The Living Bible (TLB) is an English version of the Bible created by Kenneth N. Taylor. Unlike most English Bibles, The Living Bible is a paraphrase. Mr. Taylor used the American Standard Version of 1901 as his base text.

>>>>Taylor never intended for his paraphrase to be used as the reader's sole source of Biblical knowledge, or as an aid to scholarly study.

The above is just some of the material to point out Rick Warren's extreme hypocrisy. Go ahead, do some research on your own and find out.

Warren: I'm not a Fundamentalist - the Saddleback website does give some indications to a Fundamentalist philosophy, however.

Warren: Our church goals are care and compassion - African proselytizing aside.

Warren: We just do what the Bible tells us to do - depending on which version suits us.

Will the real Rick Warren please show himself before too many people are hoodwinked? Before too many people are harmed?

Just a thought.

The Ghosts of Monica Goodling, Pat Robertson and Regent "University" School Of Law

Poor Monica, she was just making up for another Monica's godless ways!

(From Think Progress)

In October 2006, Leslie Hagen, who was working as the liaison between the Justice Department and the U.S. attorneys’ committee on Native American issues, was informed that despite her “outstanding” job performance reviews, her contract would not be renewed. In April 2008, NPR reported that the Justice Department was investigating whether Hagen was fired after a rumor reached former Justice Department official Monica Goodling that she was a lesbian.
As of last Monday, Ms. Hagen has been reinstated. There is one difference: she will no longer be subject to an annual review. Her job is considered permanent. However the outcome, "“nobody official from the department ever apologized to her for what happened” and she still owes thousands of dollars in attorney fees that the Bush Justice Department refused to pay.

The most telling question Goodling posed to interviewees:"What is it about George W. Bush that makes you want to serve him?"

Those poor people! What were they expected to answer? The truth: "Absolutely nothing. I just want a goddamed job!"

And Goodling used Google to search for clues about the applicants. What words did she include in the searches? Take a look: Gore...Republican...Democrat...Charge...Accuse...Criticize...Iran-Contra...Clinton...Fraud...Racist... Investigate...Bankrupt...Layoff...Downsize...Enron...Sex...Arrest...Controversy...Gay...Homosexual...Gun...Firearm

(Huffington Post, Max Blumnethal, 2007):
Goodling's involvement in Attorneygate is not the only aspect of her role in the Bush administration that bears examination. Her membership in a cadre of 150 graduates of Pat Robertson's Regent University currently serving in the administration is another, equally revealing component of the White House's political program.

(from Pensito Review, Jon Ponder, 7-29-08)

Goodling, a graduate of a college operated by televangelist Pat Robertson, was also found to have nixed the hiring of a terrorism expert because his wife was a Democrat.

Dumb Regent University neocons!

Crystal Cathedral vs. Rex's Erection! Who's Bigger?

And It Was Bigger Than Pat Robertson's!
(more voyeurs! Ooops, I mean viewers!)

In the wake of the collapse of the Crystal Cathedral...

I just read this wonderful story about a televangelist you may have never heard of, but who shall be remembered by everyone in the Akron, OH area.

His name was Rex Humbard and he was actually America's FIRST televangelist (1949), eventually broadcasting on 600 stations nationwide. His church, The Cathedral of Tomorrow, was built in 1958 to the staggering sum (then) of $4 million and housed his TV studio as well as the main chapel seating 5400 viewers.

His ministry eventually extended to Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Far East, Australia, Latin America and Africa, giving it a worldwide reach of 8 million viewers, greater than any of his contemporaries by the late 1970s.* In Brazil, he attracted large crowds at the giant soccer stadium in São Paulo for weeks. Humbard officiated at Elvis Presley's funeral, as Presley had been an admirer of Humbard's ministry.

Humbard began to build a
rotating tower restaurant at his Cathedral of Tomorrow complex, which was also slated to hold a transmission tower for his planned local TV station on Channel 55, WCOT. When Humbard was given the opportunity to go on more radio stations throughout South America to spread Christianity, construction on the restaurant tower ceased.

*The 700 Club staged an unsuccessful assassination attempt.
And it's still standing. As a cell phone and telecommunications tower. Times change. Now Rick Warren's skateboard park at Saddleback(ing**) Church gets more attention. And Pat Robertson only has Regent University as a legacy.

What a come down for televangelists and super-evangelicals!

**Saddlebacking: vb [fr.Saddleback Church] (2009): the phenomenon of Christian teens engaging in unprotected anal sex in order to preserve their virginities:
After attending the Purity Ball, Heather and Bill saddlebacked all night because she was saving herself for marriage. Unfortunately her parents found out because they got santorum all over the sheets.