Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mistake? What Mistake? Rove Sends B**h Back To Neverland

It's an episode in American History that's a wry take on Peter Pan: The Little President Who Refused to Grow Up and Admit He Was Wrong!

B**h has been called an idiot, a fool, a jerk, a liar, a contemptuous cretin. This latest refusal to acknowledge reality now adds to all the negativity: spoiled and impetuous brat. A memo has gone from the Office of Neverland: in effect, it tells the entire B**H cabinet to stick with certain talking points.

(From Think Progress):

Titled “Speech Topper on the Bush Record,” the talking points state that Bush “kept the American people safe” after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, lifted the economy after 2001 through tax cuts, curbed AIDS in Africa and maintained “the honor and the dignity of his office.” The document presents the Bush record as an unalloyed success.
Gone are Abu Graib, FEMA and Katrina, Mission Accomplished, Gitmo, Valerie Plame, the housing market crash, weapons of "mass distraction" or the legitimacy of his first four years.

The Washington Post’s Dan Froomkin writes, “The public has rejected him. The nation is in crisis — and eager for the massive course corrections promised by an Obama presidency. But none of this appears to have penetrated President Bush’s well-defended brainpan.”
In other words, B**h still doesn't have a clue.

Where's Captain Hook when we need him?

Just a thought.


Senator Nanny? Imagine THAT VOICE In A Filibuster??

"Her voice alone would spur me to action with the hopes that she'd shut up."

Overheard on the floor of the Senate:
"Hey! Ev'rybody in dis room shuddup! I wanna tawk!"

Yes, dear reader, Fran Dresser wants to take Hillary's vacant seat in the U.S. Senate. And rumor has it that she's prepping herself for a run later if she doesn't get it now. Wouldn't it be wonderful if, somehow, she ran for election (of anything) against Sarah Palin? Now THAT'S entertainment!

Senator Nanny? Fran Wants It!
Appoint her, or she’ll run.
* By Diana Scholl * Published Dec 7, 2008
Fran Drescher wants to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate. She says she’s qualified. “I’ve just been given the appointment of U.S. diplomat,” she said at a party for HBO's Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven at that restaurant on December 3. “My title is public diplomacy envoy for women’s health issues, and I just got back from a four-country European tour of duty. I believe next I’ll be sent to the Middle East.” Also an anti-cancer activist, Drescher has been considering a run for office. “I’ve been very successful in getting a bill passed in Washington,” she said. “I was thinking I’d take the next four years to lay some groundwork, but I’m throwing my hat in the ring.” What else makes her a good candidate? “I’m an authentic and honest person,” she said. “And I think Capitol Hill needs more of that.”

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OMG The Nanny? Are you kidding? You damn skippy I'd vote for her.
And I'd take her over Sarah Palin any day.