Monday, November 10, 2008

So "First Dude" Calls The Shots!!?!

Sure He's Cute, But Can He Run The White House?

McCain’s advisers… were furious when they heard rumors that Todd Palin was calling around to Alaska bigwigs telling them to hold their powder until 2012.

...Just last week Sarah Palin smiled at her husband during an interview with Fox’s Greta Van Susteren when she said she was looking forward to working together in the White House! (Newsweek)

I don't get it. So is it First Dude who doesn't know that Africa is a continent? It was published just yesterday that 64% of Republicans said they would like to see Sarah Palin run for the presidency in 2012! Did they know that they'd be getting a two-for-one deal? Remember, that these were the same people who voted for George W. B**h TWICE!

Seriously, John McCain gave what will be one of the most gracious concession speeches in recent memory (to many, it was the John McCain they really knew and loved). Who could vote for a woman who is now the world's most famous backstabbing bitch? (I think I heard someone mutter "Ann Coulter" so, O.K., I'll concede that one)

Maybe I'm the one who is dumb, but I fail to see the reasoning behind voting for someone because she identifies as average and middle class. I for one don't want anyone "average" representing my country or making life and death decisions. I want someone who is absolutely superlative! I want someone who's a thousand times better than me, yet understands me.

Lately, Republicans have been settling for less, thinking that "the common man" strategy will help them shift to control. It hasn't. Perhaps for every "average" guy who sees himself sitting in the Oval Office, there are two or three wanting the empathetic experts to lead them.

Just a thought.