Friday, April 11, 2008

Evolution of a Republican

Evolution of a Republican
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OK This is a little meanspirited, but it points to how the Republian Party is perceived to be controlled by Right Wing Religionists. Note that decline starts with militarism (NRA take note!)

Are Christians Being Persecuted?

Or Just Whining a Lot?

A blog question on got some curious responses:

Do you believe that at some time in the near future there will be persecution in America for being a Christian and why?

It is already happening. The slow process of taking God and prayer out of schools and public places and the push to remove his name from money, courts, constitution and the removing of crosses from public places along with christmas nativity scenes from parks are all beginnings of persecution. One model Federal prison has removed Bibles from the facility and if prisoners speak the name Jesus, the spend time in the hole. This will spread to all prisons. We may be unable to buy Bibles someday.

In North Korea they are forced to worship their leader, Kim Jong 'Ill.' Anyone possessing a Bible is shot, I believe that is persecution.In America the future persecution will come from those who are intolerant of those who believe different than themselves. Look for those who write, publish attacks on other religions, en masse. The rhetorical attack today will turn into the real physical attacks, tomorrow.

This second place I worked. A 18 yr old girl came to apply for a job. She told the owner up front that she did'nt wear pants. He told her that it was ok. At the second interview he told her he could'nt hire her unless she wore pants.It was a hostess job. She left. I was proud of this young person for standing up for what she believed. Many just give in to the pressure.

Man could I already write a book on this. The few of us whom God has chosen into a close relationship with Him oh my goodness does the Devil hate us. And unbelievers are so silly they do not know when Satan is using them against God's people. We as true believers are suppose to have compassion for the lost, and I do. +++

Real Christians in America are already being persecuted, and we have been for many years. We are used and abused, have our familes taken away, our lives destoyed, forced to pay extortion, lose jobs, etc. only because we are Christian.

Yes, these are real responses. Yes, some of them don't make sense ("forced to pay extortion"?). And persecution will come "from those who are intolerant of those who believe different than themselves". Huh? Does this one actually believe that his religion is tolerant? Of other religions? Let's take a free history course in Western Civilization shall we?

Persecution: A program or campaign to subjugate or eliminate a specific group of people. That includes:

Romans against Christians (60 CE sporadically until @305CE)
Christians against Jews (325 CE until...)
Christians against pagans (325 CE until...)
Christians against Muslims and Jews (9 Crusades)
Christians against Christians (esp. 30 Years War)
Christians against Meso and Native Americans ("heathens")
Christians against Chinese-Americans ("The Yellow Peril")
Christians against Japanese-Americans (WWII)
Christians against Gays and Lesbians
Christians against Harry Potter
Christians against Muslims (again)

That's quite a track record. And there's all those groups Christians dislike: feminists, atheists, agnostics, Freemasons as well as the 29,999 other denominations who "don't think like them."

Persecution? Some people have forgotten the meaning of the word.

An auto de fe or mass burning of witches