Monday, July 25, 2011

Was It A Christian Jihad In Norway? You Decide. Breivik's Video Looks Like Bryan Fischer Made It!

"One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100,000 who have only interests."           -posted by Anders Behring Breivik on Twitter

" Dam I would celebrate if this Viking sonuva bitch opened up that machine gun on a bunch of Muslims."

         - From Facebook wall of Anders Behring Breivik

Anders Behring Breivik and Timothy McVeigh: the parallels came dropping down like gumball-sized hailstones. The government building in Oslo was repeatedly compared to the Federal building in Oklahoma City. Both Breivik and McVeigh were clean-cut looking young men. Both men had an animosity towards the established government.

McVeigh's background, however, did not point to a particularly religious person, while Brievik's video (below) shows an obsession with the term of "Christian Soldier" and the Crusades. 

The video is exceptionally revealing and may be the only solid link to Breivik's motive - no matter what he says in his upcoming court date. It is unyielding in its hatred for Islam and Muslims. It features multiculturalism as the worst thing to happen to mankind because it will give way to a rising population of Islamists, thereby allowing them to eventually rule the world. It is arrogant in its righteousness. It paints himself as the only hope left. 

When you see it, you cannot help to think that it was written by an American who has voiced the same opinion every time: if Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association didn't write the script for the video, who did?



Bryan Fischer has once again proven that righteous arrogance breeds stupidity. His tweet makes him look just as bad as Anders Berhing Breivik is in its hatred for everything Muslim. It also insinuates his tolerance for violence. And putting the word Christian in quotes denotes a flaccid attempt at distancing himself from his obvious doppelganger. Millions of America's whitewashed public will be screaming "not me!" but no one will hear them from the din Fischer creates.   

Fischer will harp on the fact that, while almost everyone in Norway is baptized at birth, only 2% of country are regular church goers. Norway is the most secular country in Europe. We'll hear phrases not too unlike "getting what it deserves." Oh, others will chime in: Pat Robertson, Lou Engle, Franklin Graham, Cindy Jacobs, Rod Parsley to name a few. But no one will use Norway's tragedy like Fischer - a virtuoso of anti-Islamic hatred and intolerance; a hatred so embedded in America's psyche that media first-responders automatically assumed Muslims were involved in both the bombing and the massacre. And most of them sloughed off the possibility of an "apology" to the Muslim world and to Islam.

Another Case of Righteous Assassination?

At first another parallel seems weak, but given time, it grows: Byron Williams, who, almost EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO (July 21, 2010) was discovered in an attempt to terrorize the Tides Foundation and the ACLU. At that time, broadcaster Glenn Beck was linked to the attempted massacre. Now, however, the Oslo/Utoya tragedy can be linked to aggressive evangelism that does nothing to control the religious intolerance it creates. 

It has just been discovered that Anders Behring Breivik also wrote a kind of treatise/manifesto under the anglicized name of Andrew Berwick. You can download the entire 1500+ pages HERE. It is titled 2083 - a Declaration of European Independence. And while it  is mostly a rambling jumble of other writers, it strives to be an intelligent spin on Breivik's phobia against "multiculturalism" and perhaps one of the most revealing statements about Breivik's religion comes in this part (Kyle Spotswood):
Christianity is a way of life, and life involves power relationships, Christianity is at once a political way of life. One can not separate out ones politics from ones faith and beliefs, they are intertwined as ones beliefs effects ones politics. Thus, within the Christian worldview, there is no separation of ‘Christianity’ and ‘politics’, as distinct spheres, ‘politics’ is but another sphere of the way of life that is Christianity. Politics is subsumed within Christianity.

Bryan Fischer and "historian" David Barton would definitely agree with that statement.

So were Anders Behring Breivik's actions part of a Christian Jihad? Not an organized one, but possibly one that carried out a blueprint set out  by the likes of our own Bryan Fischer and leaders of our own Christian Right.