Monday, August 11, 2008

Bush and His Religion: "We Can't Be Stopped"

"Once A Religion Takes Over In A Society, It Can't Be Stopped"

So spoke George Bush to Bob Costas in his NBC interview at the Olympics. He didn't say "Once Religion Takes Over" but "Once A Religion Takes Over." Does GWB know anything we don't? Is Pat Robertson going to take over China?

Of course, to Bush, Buddhism doesn't count as a religion (it's precepts are waaaay beyond his comprehension). As we stated before, only 4% of China's population is "Christian."
Of course, Bush said other very stupid things during the interview, but this phrase struck me as some kind of warning to China: "Our missionaries are terrorists - they're armed and dangerous. They're going to convert you and you'll stay converted!" In other words, missionaries aren't just "holy rollers", they're "holy steamrollers."

Bush may be a Recontrustionist after all.

Just a thought.