Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Burn Them! Buuurn Them!!

The Stake's On The Other Foot

The Family Research Council's Tony Perkins has discovered more horrible persecutions:

The National Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Medicine have mounted yet another attack on the scientific theory of intelligent design, publishing an 89-page book titled Science, Evolution, and Creationism....Perhaps the biggest problem with the defenders of Darwinian evolution is that, ironically, they have reversed the roles in the supposed historical "war between science and religion," by declaring Darwinism to be inerrant dogma, and punishing its doubters by burning them at the academic stake. Read the whole text here.
So, how does it feel, Tony?

A whopping 89 pages! Was it a hard read, Tony? Evidently, disputing creationism isn't very difficult.

Tony also states:

The new publication falsely equates "intelligent design" (a scientific theory which infers the necessity for intelligent design from scientific evidence) with "creationism" (a term usually used for a theory of origins that begins with the Bible or some other religious text). .. It also slanders intelligent design as "unscientific" despite peer-reviewed articles on the concept and the credentials of 700 doctoral-level scientists who have publicly questioned Darwinism.

Hmmm. A scientific theory backed by 700 doctoral-level scientists. Sounds like the very same people who backed the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum in Kentucky (see my very first blog post, "The Horror of it All!"). Some of those people had doctorates too, but not in related sciences. Notice the wording: "...who have publicly questoned Darwinism." Perkins doesn't say these people agree with Intelligent Design. Sneeky, Tony.

Even so, can we still burn those guys in one big auto de fe? Take that, Salem!