Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Seeds of Christofascism: the Anti-Semitism of Rick Warren

How Will Warren Backpedal on This One?

I KNEW IT! If Warren can get out of this one, then we can start labeling him The AntiChrist (or at least, Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler of the Royal Lodge of Christofascists) (Bruce Wilson, Huffington Post):
In late March 2008, as announced by Rick Warren's publicist A. Larry Ross, Uganda became the second official "Purpose Driven" nation on Earth, following Rwanda. Sometime during the year Uganda also gained the dubious distinction as a nation that distributes state-sanctioned anti-Jewish propaganda to school children. Up to one million copies of Manga Messiah, which features a basic mis-representation of Biblical scripture giving readers the impression that the Jewish Pharisees were in league with Beelzebub, will be distributed in Uganda with the apparent blessings of the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Uganda's First Lady Janet Museveni, who has participated in Rick and Kay Warren's HIV/AIDS conferences.
THIS is why Rick Warren is dangerous! How much will he backpedal on this? The Ugandan Ministry of Education is apparently anti-Semitic as well or will accept anything if it's free. And it will accept any accolade if it's from a powerful American preacher. And just what do they preach at these "HIV/AIDS conferences? Doubtless Warren will disavow any knowledge about the substance of the comic book! He should say that Uganda is now the second "Christofascist Nation" on earth.
Warren's declaration was followed up by Uganda's Archbishop, Henry Orombi, under whose aegis the Church of Uganda intends to distribute ten million anti-Jewish comic books; "Someday we will have a purpose driven continent!"
There are people other than myself who are very suspicious of Warren. There's Warren Smith and his book, Deceived On Purpose in which Smith lambastes Warren's use of different translations of Scripture and Rev. Noah Hutchins' book, The Dark Side of the Purpose Driven Church. The most universal criticism of Warren's brand of theology is that it is "spoon-fed" theology with Warren's own pick 'n choose, loose interpretation of Scripture. In an early post, I pointed out how Christofascism works: the Elmer Gantrys drive the Elmer Fudds. The Fudds frequently are peopled by "regular Joes" who are just plain spiritually lazy: "I was always a _____, my parents were" "It's so difficult for me to figure it out," "Our paster gives the most WONDERFUL sermons!" Fudds, all of them. And now Gantry Warren is trying to recruit MORE Fudds in Africa.

Distribution of AIDS drugs and programs carries a hefty price: conversion!
Just a thought.

Will Barack Obama Ever Be Allowed To Change His Mind?

If Christofascists Have Their Way - NEVER!

(From FRC, Tony Perkins)

When Barack Obama was running for president, he said he opposed same-sex "marriage," favoring civil unions instead. But in 1996, when he first ran for the Illinois state senate, a Chicago "gay" newspaper reported that Obama supported same-sex "marriage." This week a successor paper, the Windy City Times, published specific documentation regarding Obama's earlier stance.
Note some things about Tony Perkins' stunning discovery:

#1. - The date.
#2. Obama was not yet an elected official.
#3. As a senator, he would have represented that part of the State of Illinois, a VERY liberal (and to Perkins, demonspawn) section of the state, in fact. He was not representing the ENTIRE state much less the entire country! To look at the evolution of Obama as a statesman means that he would, of course, make some ideological concessions when the plebiscite became more diverse.

Perkins purposely looks at the past Obama as rigid and static in his views. He means for everyone to think that Obama still holds the same views on same-sex marriage. If we had politicians who never changed their minds, this country would be in worse shape than we are now.

Another way of looking at it: Obama reached across the aisle and gave a concession to the pro-family Christofascists. Civil unions yes, marriage no. And Obama may change his mind again. Who knows? But Obama tries valiantly to look at the will of the people overall and at the needs of minorites at the same time. Perkins would have him viewing the entire world with Christofascist (read: jaundiced) eyes from the time of his birth.

Even Perkins' St. George of the Idiots changed his mind occasionally - from wrong to wrong and from bad to worse.

Just a thought.