Thursday, November 6, 2008

Courtesy of Focus on the Family and Right-Wing Pastors Everywhere!

The New Church's
Stained Glass Window

The Prosperity Gospel and neocons have gone together like peanut butter and jelly this last decade. But with a bad economy brought on by rampant deregulation whither goes the prosperity? And the megachurch? And the tithes? Will the price of "seeds" fall? Or will desperate congregants flock to the theology as if it were some kind of lottery?

Let's hope not. Because when the prizes don't appear, a disillusioned flock is more apt to accept whatever their pastors tell them is the cause of their problems: THEM! The OTHER! The NON-BELIEVERS! The SINNERS! The DEVILS...ANYONE!

No one is more vicious than an irate church-goer on a quest from his pastor! After all, he is a "Man of God."

Goodbye To All That (Hopefully)...

And Georgie Too!

Leaking classified information for vengeance
Lobbyists corrupting the politicians
Politicians corrupting the lobbyists

The most secretive administration
Pandering to Pre-Millennialists
Skull and Bones Cronyism
Blanket Incompetence
Machiavellian rule
Sexual Hypocrisy
War Mongering
Blood for Oil

So many vices in Washington
So few good hearts

After The Orgasmic Election: People to Watch Out For

The election of Barack Obama brings both joy and anxiety for me. Being a political pessimist, I've now begun thinking: how long will it take for the joy to be pushed aside by anger?

And how long will it take for the anger to take the form of violence? Look at some YouTube videos of Sarah Palin's rallies: they're reminiscent of the mob scene from Frankenstein. All they needed was the torches.

And who fueled that anger? Palin certainly did, but a great many white Evangelical Christians did as well.

(PEW Research) John Green, senior fellow for religion and American Politics:

"The white evangelical totals were roughly the same this time as four years ago -- and supported John McCain in roughly the same ratio that they supported Bush. But other segments came out in larger numbers -- particularly black and Latino voters of various religious affiliations -- and they carried Barack Obama to the White House."

How's that for causing MORE racial tension? Neo-Nazis and skinheads are lapping it up. Then of course, the passing of Proposition 8 will encourage Christofascists across the country to be bolder when it comes to gay rights and Obama's policies.

With the massacre of the Republican Party in the election, Christofascists will have to lean heavily on many people. And lean they will. Here's a list of people to watch out for in politics:

Bobby Jindal: Louisiana's governor, a Republican and born-again Christian (he's Indian American) and extremely conservative. He was on the short list to be McCain's running mate.

Michele Bachmann: this craziest of Christofascists will continue to entertain. Re-elected even after calling for McCarthy-like tactics to see who in Congress is "anti-American," Bachmann is already in the Christofascist bag. When told to jump, she'll scream "How high?"

In the Senate:

Alabama: Republican Jeff Sessions was re-elected. Voted for Iraq war and against stem cell research.

Kansas: Republican Pat Roberts was re-elected. Pro torture, anti-habeas corpus, anti environmental protection. Definitely for “drill! baby, drill!”

Maine: Republican Sen. Susan Collins was re-elected. Republican line all the way. Also helped impeach Clinton!

Mississippi: Republican Thad Cochran was re-elected. Considered a “moderate” nonetheless is pro torture at Guantanamo.

Oklahoma: Republican James Inhofe was re-elected. Pro-torture

Tennessee: Republican Lamar Alexander was re-elected. Denies global warming and quotes scripture – a lot.

Texas: Republican John Cornyn was re-elected. (In a speech given to the Heritage Foundation):

"It does not affect your daily life very much if your neighbor marries a box turtle. But that does not mean it is right ... [N]ow you must raise your children up in a world where that union of man and box turtle is on the same legal footing as man and wife."

Wyoming: Republican Michael Enzi was re-elected. Pro NRA. Considered radical right.

In The House:

Minnesota: Michele Bachmann (see above)

Texas: Republican Pete Olson beat Democratic Rep. Nick Lampson. Dick Cheney chaired a campaign fundraiser for him. Enough said.


North Dakota: Republican John Hoeven won a third term, defeating Democratic state Sen. Tim Mathern. Anti-abortion. Anti-gay marriage. Anti-civil unions.

Utah: Republican Jon Huntsman was re-elected. Pro NRA and anti-abortion, totally Mormon.

Another spark of Christofascism lies in the heart of isolationism that is harbored by most radical right wingers. If any of them saw the pictures below, they would immediately conspire to get Obama impeached and out of office before his first 100 days were up! All the countries that "endorsed" Obama prove the existence of globalization - something of which right-wing Christians are in absolute denial. Remember, the most important tenet of fascism is nationalism, or uber-patriotism.

I don 't mean to be a fear-monger, but I really do fear for gays and lesbians, Muslims, African Americans, atheists, university professors and our educational system. The full weight of religious intolerance, racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism will be brought down on the remaining Republican members of both the House and Senate, Republican governors and even Republican mayors.

We really have to get ready for another war, if we don't want to be a theocratic state.

Just a thought.