Tuesday, October 21, 2008

White Christofascists Crawl Out of the Woodwork In North Carolina..

...And Right Along With Pat Robertson!

First, on Saturday,

(From Think Progress.org)

Representatives Patrick McHenry and Robin Hayes warmed up the crowd at a rally for Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). McHenry called the event the “biggest crowd John McCain has gotten in North Carolina” and said that voters had a critical choice between McCain and Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) this election. Someone in the audience yelled out, “It’s like black and white” to loud laughter. McHenry let the remark pass.

Representative Robin Hayes, who prefaced his comments by saying it was important to “make sure we don’t say something stupid, make sure we don’t say something we don’t mean.” Republicans, he reminded the crowd, were kind people. Plus, he added, the liberal media had shown itself eager to distort such remarks. With the crowd duly chastened and put on best behavior, he accused Obama of “inciting class warfare” and said that “liberals hate real Americans that work and achieve and believe in God.”

Then on Sunday:

On Sunday, the Washington Times’s Christina Bellantoni stopped by a polling place in North Carolina, where she reported that a “group of loud and angry protestors” — almost all of whom were white — were shouting and mocking voters — nearly all of whom were black. Bellatoni noted that people “were shouting about Obama’s acknowledged cocaine use as a young man, abortion and one man used the word ‘terrorist.’ They also were complaining that Sundays are for church, not voting.”

Today, on C(hristian) B(roadcasting)N(etwork):

Palin also reaffirmed her view that Obama had been "palling around with terrorists" because of his association with
Bill Ayers, a 1960s-era radical who helped found the violent Weather Underground group to protest the Vietnam war. The group was responsible for bombings of several government buildings.

"I would say it again," she said.

Sorry about all of those quotes, but it was a long time in researching them and I think they should be quoted in full.

We live in a democracy where every citizen is allowed to vote. Unfortunately, some of them vote against people instead of for people. Palin knows that. And she knows that she can get away with all sorts of lies on Pat Robertson's CBN simply because she's a "person of faith." She knows that she has fanned the flames of racism and bigotry, but she's too ambitious to care.

Palin also claimed religion and God had been "mocked" during the campaign, although she offered no evidence to support that.

Pat Robertson ate it up. He couldn't care less that Palin's rally crowds have shouted things like "kill him!" because, after all, Pat called for the assassination of Hugo Chavez.

Sarah's a gal after ole Pat's heart!

Here's her statement for CBN's "The Brody File."

"From the information we have" - what calls? what emails? Give specifics!

I really hate to say it, but this ugly campaign will get uglier. Whether or not Barack Obama wins, he will have to have more security surrounding him than B**h. Mrs. Mooseburger: are assassination attempts on Barack Obama worth all of this rhetoric loose rhetoric?