Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What Does Her Witch-Hunter Say?

Maybe The Devil Made Her Do It! Quick Get An Exorcist!

Some people do crazy things to stay in the limelight, but cutting off your nose to spite your face is very stupid.

"I'm a fighter. I LOVE a challenge." Oh, right. She quit because...ah, she's thinking about Alaska! Too bad most of Alaska didn't feel that kind of concern from its governor for over a year. And when you give a press conference while looking as if you're on speed, then your REALLY stupid.

One pundit called her "brilliant." Being a non-governor for a year, then quitting before your term is up is not "brilliant." It's suspicious. It's grandstanding. It's insulting (to Alaska, a sort of in-your-face "F*ck You!.") It's cowardly.

It's Palin.

Attack Of The 50-Foot Christian! Or...Honk If You Can't Take It Anymore!

And They Think THEY'RE Being Persecuted?

They're EVERYWHERE! Yelling at you! Tormenting you! They're on t-shirts. They're on jewelry. They're on candles at Walgreens. They're in the sky on the top of steeples. But worst of all, they're on the road.

The slogans, the symbols, the blond, blue-eyed Jesus staring at you, all the trappings of religion smother us, but nowhere is it more evident than on the side of the road: those preachy billboards promoting religion as if being sanctimonious inside of a church wasn't enough. It's a very disconcerting and ugly form of evangelism: roadside admonitions to repent because "you KNOW you're a SINNER!" They admonish you and insult you (in most cases, your intelligence). Like some righteous prizefighter, they keep pummeling you while you're driving.

And there' nothing you can do about their zealotry. If you close your eyes, you might crash the car, be killed and go to hell! There's nothing insidious about them: they're not as small as a bumper sticker, nor as campy as a glow-in-the-dark dashboard Jesus. They hit you with full force. Bam! Bam! Bam! And that's when you wish your car's guidance system could show you where they are by flashing big red arrows.
"Danger, Danger, Will Robinson! Proselytizing ahead!"

Seriously, where does freedom of speech end and self-righteous arrogance begin?