Sunday, February 27, 2011

Eddie Long's All-Male Pajama Prayer Party: "Bring A B-i-i-i-g Offering!"

This one escaped me. I think Google Alerts isn't doing its job!

It's not nerve - it's sheer stupidity! A lot of people in Eddie Long's congregation are probably scratching their heads right now and murmuring "what was he thinking?" He's not fully returned to the pulpit, but he has surfaced in a video showing him promoting an all-male, overnight, prayer vigil. Yes, that's right, a ... (snicker, snicker) "prayer vigil." 

And what kind of offering does he REALLY want the twinks, ooops, I mean men, to bring? This is beyond the pale of the ridiculous. Doesn't he ever listen to advisors? Oh, that's right: the sure way for people to know you're not gay is by sponsoring an all-male meeting!