Friday, May 9, 2008

Pro-Birth - Pro-Life - What's the Difference? And Who Cares?

Or: "Hey, We're PRO-LIFE!
But Once a Kid's Born, It's Not OUR Responsibility!"

Exactly WHO is Pro Life?

One nun interviewed on television (Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister, a prolific author and lecturer, on an Easter Sunday installment of NBC's "Meet the Press.") said of pro-life people: "You must remember that these people are Pro-Birth, not necessarily pro-life which includes everyone AFTER birth." I thought that she was pretty savvy, for a nun (read post to June 21, 2007)

From: Tidings Online:

Many, but surely not all, in the so-called pro-life movement are politically and socially conservative on issues affecting the quality of human life after birth: child care, health insurance, education, housing, safety standards in employment, a clean environment, immigration, non-discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation, the right to unionize, equitable tax policies, capital punishment, war and peace.

I have always adopted the philosophy of my (adoptive) mother: "If ya can't afford 'em, don't have em'!" While I can't quote her views on abortion, I'm pretty sure she would have been pro-choice, even though I was a constant reminder someone who may have been pro-life. (I say "may have been" because abortions weren't as readily available to women of the late 1940's and the poorest women just had to weather pregnancy out at a relative's home.) And I know she was all in favor of birth control.

Today is the 48th anniversary of the FDA's approval of birth control.

Pope Benedict XVI marks this day as a day of mourning, I'm sure. So does Focus on the Family and Family Research Council, since they, like the pope, have severe abstinence-till-marriage issues and view condoms as baby-killers. But they all voted against SCHIP - go figure.

But if they're soooo pro-life, they surely must encourage adoption.

Huh? Guess again. There are 146 million orphans in the world and the policies on adoption by every country concerning foreign adoptions are complex:

...policies for each country vary widely. Items such as the age of the adoptive parents, financial status, marital status and history, number of dependent children in the house, sexual orientation, weight, psychological health, and ancestry are used by different countries to determine what parents are eligible to adopt from that country. (

Our own restrictions? Well, let's say that James Dobson has such a big heart:

In May, 2007 Evangelical Christians organizations such as Focus on the Family and pastors from across the nation held a three-day summit in Colorado. members of to promote adoption via a media blitz.

Focus on the Family founder James C. Dobson, a major player in this new path of evangelism, and
present at the summit, expressed concern that foster parents typically are permitted to take children to church but cannot force religion on them. They must adhere to other state guidelines as well, some of which may contradict their faith such as parents “disciplining” their children physically with switches as taught by Dobson, a child psychologist.

Reminds me of Dwight Babbit/Babcock's line in Patrick Dennis' Auntie Mame: "I'm gonna make this kid into a God-fearing Christian if I have to break every bone in his body."

So, according to Dobson, he wants to see adoptions by Christian families ONLY.

To the right: Some of James Dobson's Honorary Doctorates (he has 19 of those colored scarves - what a queen!). Since most of them are from Bible-Thumper Colleges, all I can say is that Dobson must have eaten a LOT of Cracker Jack!

During the enormous Duplessis Orphan Scandal (again, see my post for June 21, 2007), it was brought to light that while there were thousands of adoptable orphans in Montreal's orphanages, no Jewish families were ever allowed to adopt the children. Those orphanages were so pro-life. And it was only a few decades (alright, about 60 years) ago that orphanages stopped stamping "ILLEGITIMATE" on birth certificates. Focus on the Family certainly wouldn't have disapproved!

And as far as foreign adoptions are concerned, remember: whatever the age of the child, if they are of a different religion, THEY MUST BE CONVERTED! Or you can obtain a child from any one of the APPROVED Christian missions who will make sure that you get a Christian child.

Gay adoptions? Huh?

You've got to be kidding. Let the child starve to death before it's exposed to an evil lifestyle!

Pro Life? Pro Birth? Or ...Pro Christian ONLY?