Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ANOTHER Cowboy President?

How will they remold John McCain?
(sssshh)... Very Quietly

Three hours ago (9:00PM PST) Mike Huckabee abdicated from the campaign of the Christian Right (most of whom didn't think he had his heart in it - not Reconstructionist enough) and withdrew from the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Conservatives and Hillary- Haters now have only one person to vote for in November: Arizona Senator John McCain, a hawk who sometimes acts like a Democrat.

"He's a maverick." I looked up the etymology of the word "maverick". The word originated in the name of Sam Maverick, a leading name in Texas history and politics (1803-1870). He was a land baron who refused to brand his cattle, hence the association with lone cattle outside of the herd.

So J.M. is going to don a white stetson and try to save us from those heathen Al Queda Muslims? ... AGAIN?!

McCain's supporters and campaign staff will need to start divesting him of any cowboy image - and that inludes the adjective "maverick". And what kind of candidate he is molded into will depend on who is molding/controlling him.

Gasp! Do you think he'll be steered by any special interests?

Yes. But whoever does the steering will need to be quiet about it. So that leaves out Pastor John Hagee. But let's put aside John Hagee for a moment (ah, figuratively). A Christo-Fascist with a brain (admittedly not a very large gene pool there), money and influence could call the shots if he's discreet. Remember: McCain's association with the "Keating 5" scandal (1989 - failing S&L campaign contributions) will be dug up again. McCain's also known for admitting lapses in judgment - a luxury he won't be allowed as President (or shouldn't be allowed - we've had waaay too much of those under Dumbya).

And, make no mistake, McCain will curry favor with any people on the Religious Right. His 180 with Falwell raised some eyebrows. After his speech at Liberty University:

If McCain's outreach succeeds, the effort could pay off not only in South Carolina, where the senator's defeat in the 2000 primary doomed his presidential bid, but also in Iowa, a state with many politically active Christian conservatives and a crucial role once again in the next election. In short, Liberty University could help make John McCain the Republican presidential nominee in 2008.*
(Washington, McCain - Can He Be a Falwell Republican? May 7, 2006)

So, John, what's it to be? An apocalyptic super-hero? A moralizing military man? You might not tell us, but your campaign might.

65 years ago, the Nazi Party took control of Germany.

Who will take control of John McCain?

*How prophetic can you get?

P.S.: The above photo is not James Garner in Maverick. It's Clint Walker as Cheyenne. I posted it because of all the cowboys on TV, he provided me with the best eye candy.