Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Coulter(geist) fallout: An Ann Coulter Bash-a-thon!

What Better Way To Start Your New Year's Resolution
To Be More Assertive!

Ann Coulter's new book came out today and so did her supporters. And detractors. The second kind in droves and droves and droves. You can go to to see the pro and con reviews. Being the butch-bitch that I am, I thought I would save some readers' time by posting snippets of the juicer reviews:

She's the political version of Jerry Springer - highly educated, but more interested in cashing in via trash-mongering than making a beneficial contribution to society.

She really needs to crawl back into whatever hole she's been in this past year; we'd all be better off. Kudos to NBC for not having her as a part of their programming.

If you like where the Country is headed, this book is for you. If you hate the Constitution, hate liberties, hate the truth and justice, then this book is for you. If you like lies, disinformation, not thinking for yourself, being irrational, being ignorant...then again, this book is for you.

Anne is a Goddess among the mentally deficient. This scrawny, loud-mouthed horseface has done nothing but spew negativity and hate for too many years. Her claims are always based on ZERO provable facts...and her popularity is due to her ability to put words in the mouths of small-town bigots everywhere. If you like her message, you're a terrible person. Most ironic part is she appeals to the fundamentalists Christians with a message comprised ENTIRELY of hatred towards fellow mankind. Jesus was a Liberal.

Waah, she cries, "Deep down they really, really love and know what's best for us all" despite the torture, Katrina, the War, the blatant disregard for human rights. "It's the OTHER guys who are really to blame!" she cries. Maybe someday, with loads of shock therapy she will come to see how misplaced her tragic love is.

This book, Guilty, is standard Coulter, a twisted viewpoint, filled with an uncompassionate and inhuman stance. Underneath it demonstrates an unwavering need for self promotion to cover up a deep insecurity by any flamboyant means available. To those that read her and support her I say "shame" on you."

All you need to know about Coulter is that she claims George Bush, Tom Delay and Joe McCarthy are "victims". Sorry, Ann, the only victims are the people that continue to suffer because of these disreputable, corrupt, and in the case of Bush, dangerously moronic conservatives.

I never knew there could be such a careless, heartless, raging psychopath that so many people follow religiously.

I'm not trying to be funny or mean, but I think there's something really mentally "off" about this author. She doesn't make any more sense to me than the paranoid homeless dude who walks down the street talking to himself and looking over his shoulder. Can't imagine what kind of people call themselves "fans."

You know what kind of fans she has: the ones who eat Obama Waffles while singing Barack the Magic Negro.

Just a thought.