Sunday, February 8, 2009

Darwin Day Celebration Ideas: Have a Monkey Trial! Or Pick A Fight With Your Pastor!

No, Not This Kind Of Monkey Trial .............. THIS One!

So how should the everyday American citizen celebrate one of the most important theories of modern science? How should they tell Charles Darwin how much they appreciate his standing up for the evolution of man? It's easy with the game of:

Monkey Trial!!

  • Your friends and family will be amused and amazed at all the stupid things evolutionists say!
  • See the look on your pastor's face when he calls you one helluva sick atheist!
  • See everyone on the block mimic ape motions every time you walk by!
  • Be shunned by everyone in town except that queer old biology teacher!
  • Have a permanent house guest of the local librarian who's had death threats!
  • Get fined $250 OR live to regret teaching evolution in a hopelessly stupid backwater town!
This game comes with HUGE evolution textbooks people will never be able to read!

It also comes with one authentic King James Bible (is there any other kind?) with highlighted verses chosen to out-strategize your opponent!

Note: Beautiful simulated wood-grained courtroom is sold separately.

Why be caught evolving while everyone else is staying put right where they are! Evolution is a fantasy! Darwin made it all up to amuse his distraught daughter after she had been teased for being a tad too hairy.

Show the rest of the world that you stand firm on God's firmament!


Rules of the game:

Those drawing the "Reason" card must forfeit the game immediately.

Those drawing a "Bible Verse" card may enter a pulpit immediately, bypassing the dreaded "secular zone."
Players are not allowed to curse and spit at other players unless other players are not Christian.
For Ultimate Monkey Trial: there are no rules.