Saturday, November 1, 2008

We Will Be Posting Same-Sex Love Collages Until Voting Day!

And Portraits of All of Our Devils, Demons and Satans!

Yes, perhaps this is the most important election day in the last century. We get it. No one has to beat us over the head about it. The reasonable campaigners see it this way:

The United States is in the middle of two wars. It is also in the midst of economic turmoil not seen since the Great Depression. Almost 25% of the country is without health insurance. We are $1 trillion in debt. We have lost our integrity with the rest of the world. We have had 8 long years of deregulation and soaring rising gas prices. We have given over many personal rights for the sake of national security.

The unreasonable campaigners have a different view:

We are in the midst of a culture war. Our taxes are too high. We must keep our righteous alliances in the Middle East. We must not be only "pro life'" but "pro birth."

Amidst all of this is the most heralded, most scrutinized, expensive state constitutional amendment in history: Proposition 8. Almost $90 million has been spent. All because the unreasonables don't want anyone to "redefine" the definition of marriage.

We could go into (yet again) the "definition" of marriage. Let's just say that the unreasonables fantasize marriage: it never really was the they dream about it.

$90 million. That's a very expensive fantasy.

To many gays and lesbians, marriage was a dream as well. Now it's more than just a faraway dream: it's a reality because people around the world are realizing that a commitment like marriage is a right, not a dream.

Until November 4th, let's all live the dream of equality for all.

Just a thought.

Back by Popular Demand: Another Love Collage!! This Time Spot...

(Actually Satans)

This collage centers on the love of men. With this collage, however, you don't have to spot Jesus, but you do have to spot more than several SATANS. These are the supreme hypocrites, the unreasonable pharisees who will doing anything to keep people of the same sex from loving one another. Just who is the bigger sinner?

The campaign for/against Proposition 8 has spawned a whole host of sins (many on and some on the supporters of Equality California). Here's a small rundown.

(Thanks to
  • Earlier this week a cyber attack brought down the “No on Prop 8″ campaign Web site. The FBI and Secret Service are investigating.
  • In Fresno, police are investigating death threats against two local supporters of Proposition 8.
  • Mayor Alan Autry and Pastor Jim Franklin of the Cornerstone Church received what police call very detailed threats that mentioned their participation in a pro-proposition 8 rally this weekend.
  • In Torrance, a man has been charged with a felony hate crime assault for allegedly using an anti-gay marriage Yes on Prop. 8 lawn sign to attack a gay man wearing a No on 8 button.
  • In Bakersfield, a local leader of the campaign for the ballot measure was videotaped at a pro-gay marriage rally kicking and punching a protester. The protestor, who had been heckling him, declined to press charges.
  • Thousands of lawn signs are promoting the two sides on the issue throughout California and each side is accusing the other of stealing and defacing the signs.

The latest public opinion poll shows the No side remains ahead but the gap is narrowing - when the margin of error is factored in it is a dead heat.

The issues the have risen due to Proposition 8 have made hatred come into sharp focus. Last week, sent letters to 30 of Equality California's top donors. The letters are being considered a form of extortion.

When it comes to morals and rights, people who think they know them or possess them react in a violent manner.

Well, that said, here's the collage:

So Much Love!

And then there's this one: