Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Campaigns Go Postal!

How Green Is Your Candidate?

According to 50 Simple Things You Can Do To Save The Earth:

1. Each year, 100 million trees are used to produce junk mail.

2. 250,000 homes could be heated with one day's supply of junk mail.

3. Americans receive almost 4 million tons of junk mail every year.

4. The yearly production and disposal of junk mail consumes more energy than 2.8 million cars.

It's almost impossible to guess just how much mail this campaign is costing the planet. Yes, there will be political spam and recorded messages with the candidates' voices, but the amount of paper consumed and postage spent will likely brake records.

The nation's Post Office Department was created exactly 216 years ago.* Will it be up to the task of sorting out all the mail from John McCain, Barack Obama, as well as all the peripheral material the campaign will generate? I've just gotten (by their mistake, I assure you) a '08 Values Voter National Survey from the Family Research Council along with an official super-duper FRC Action Membership Card (I would have preferred a decoder ring). The whole package weighed in at 6 oz. and even with Tony Perkins' non-profit status it must have cost $millions to produce. All of it to help you to vote against something (same-sex marriage and hate crime laws top the bill).

Between now and November, the postal service will probably experience the workload of ten Christmas seasons. The ubiqiutous eagle might start looking like this:

*Other little-known facts about our beloved Post Office:

The USPS employs more mentally ill people than any company in the United States except Wal-Mart. It employed 790,000 personnel in 2003, dividing the number into offices, processing centers, and actual post offices. Most USPS employees are divided into two categories:

Mail handlers and processors often work in the evening and night to prepare junk mail and bulk goods for the carriers to deliver. Work is physically strenuous, especially for mail handlers; many mailbags loaded from and onto trucks weigh as much as 70 pounds (32 kg).

Letter Carriers, also referred to as mailmen or mail-carriers; are the public face of the USPS. As the front line, carriers are routinely pressured to move faster, work harder, and perform more tasks in a timed manner. The most stressful of crafts, carriers are watched, timed and inspected more than any other employees.

Happy Japanese Internment Day! (AKA Michelle Malkin Day)

FEMA Couldn't Have Done It better!

Oh, those were the days back in 1942 when it took only three days to sell your house! Of course, you had to be Japanese and you had to sell it for pennies along with all your other property because people thought you "might" be a threat to national security.

On February 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, an event that spurred one of America's darkest and most anti-American hours: the internment of thousands of Japanese-Americans. 110,000 men, women and children were sent to hastily-built "relocation centers." Numbers later revealed that 65% of those who were forcibly relocated were American citizens.

Living conditions in the camps were anything but stellar:

According to a 1943 War Relocation Authority report, internees were housed in "far paper-covered barracks of simple frame construction without plumbing or cooking facilities of any kind." The spartan facilities met international laws, but still left much to be desired. Many camps were built quickly by civilian contractors during the summer of 1942 based on designs for military barracks, making the buildings poorly equipped for cramped family living. In other areas, the internees had to build the barracks-like structures themselves.*

The Ann Coulter Wannabe, Michelle Malkin (nee Maglalang - ironically a daughter of Filipino immigrants) wrote a book entitled: In Defense of Internment: The Case for 'Racial Profiling' in World War II and the War on Terror. Today must be her "holy day".

I haven't been able to read it yet, but I'll cite an Amazon reviewer:

"This book is a thinly veiled attempt to put President Bush's own internment camps into historical perspective. However all this book does is showcase the authors own ingnorance of history, miltary strategy and logistics. No credible military historian or anyone else with a passing knowlege of military tactics would ever try to justify what Roosevelt did to these loyal American citizens. .. Malkin who based on her editorial columns, is an unabashed defender of George W. Bush and the security state seems to have another goal here. I think the entire purpose of this book is to try to convince people that the governments current internment camps are as necessary as the ones previously used to imprison American citizens of the wrong color in WWII. In that point I am in 100% agreement. This book isn't politically incorrect. It's just idiotic.

Malkin's conservative ideology seems to have a slightly hypocritical bent: like her compatriot, Ann Coulter, she uses gender equality advances to persue her ultra-conservative goals (she probably never watches Pat Robertson's "700 Club"). As of 2004, her husband Jesse Malkin, a Rhodes Scholar and former economist for the RAND Corporation, stays home and raises the two Malkin children.

In other words, Michelle keeps him in internment.

Why, she doesn't look Asian at all!

*This is, of course, a quote from the ultra-liberal Wikipedia:

What Went Wong?

This Country Was Sailing Along Beautifully,

Then suddenly, and without warning, we mistakenly elected:
(Pictured giving his infamous "One Fingered Victory" Speech)

*Warning: watching this video may turn you into a Liberal and may cause occasional bouts of thinking, sanity, compassion, and other serious side effects.