Monday, November 3, 2008

HURRY! The Last Prop 8 LOVE COLLAGE! Send It To Someone You Love ...

Or Someone You Think Needs
A Sacred Guiding Light in Voting Tomorrow!

Take It With You To The Polling Place Tomorrow!

Remind yourself that you and these people
Have rights.
Have traditions
Have families!

Tell everyone to vote YES on Proposition 8.


In the photos below, I'm placing photos of people who support love, friendship and equality. Those are things that Proposition 8 is AGAINST. And to think that in order to publish these photos, I didn't have to blackmail a single one!

Whomever You Love, Let THEM love also.

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Allow people the right to love whom they choose. And the right to make a sacred commitment to whom they choose. The days of forced marriages are over! Dowries are no longer demanded. Neither men nor women are required to enter into a loveless heterosexual union for the sake of "family values" and tradition. Truly civilized people recognize marriage as a commitment of love and not just a contract intended to produce children.

Pick Out The Demons In This Love Collage!

Featured Demons:

Michele Bachmann
John Hagee

Kenneth Copeland
George W. Bush
Fred Phelps

Let's Go Out With One BIG BUSH BASH!!!

Cheney! - He's Not Even Worth The Effort!

Yes, this campaign has been ridiculous and exhausting. But the silver lining of November Fourth: looking forward to NO GEORGE W. BUSH!!

Think of it! The joyous time when we won't feel like we're being led by Disney's Goofy. We won't have any more euphemisms slung at us from a diplomatic dimwit! No more "I'm the decider" rhetoric - or what was supposed to pass for rhetoric. No more platitudes like "We should err on the side of life" coming from someone who condoned (and even laughed at) the electrocution of 152 individuals BEFORE he decided to risk losing thousands of soldiers in an unethical war.

Of course, in January, we may be seeing articles like "Was He Really All That Bad?"

YES. America had a very long, long period of denial. His ratings went down to 27%. But that means that 27% of the country - ostensibly people who can vote - are still in denial. Yes, they're THAT clueless. Don't let this miserable segment of the population tarnish what reputation we have left. 27%. 27%. 27%. 27%!!! Use it as a mantra when you vote tomorrow. At least 27% of the plebiscite WANT the same kind of president!

The only truly sorry people after January 20th will be stand-up comics.

O.K.: So here is the view of Bush during these last centuries (ooops!) - years: