Friday, April 23, 2010

The Tale of Clay and Harold: The Type Of (Ill) Treatment The AFA Can Believe In!

A Story So Righteously Vicious Only Bryan Fischer 
And His Followers Could Love It!

The story of Clay and Harold of Sonoma Co, CA has made the rounds on the web, so you might have already experienced the shock of the story. The 78-page suit (complaint) against the County of Sonoma makes for even more shocking reading. In a nutshell: Clay Greene, 78, was separated from his long time partner, Harold Skull, 88, after Harold was hospitalized. BOTH men were placed in nursing homes, all of their property sold off (even the cats were taken away!), Clay was prevented from seeing Harold and purposely kept unaware of his partner's condition. 

Even when Harold died. 

The County of Sonoma is now alleging that it was acting on behalf of Harold because there was domestic violence involved. Yeah, right. Look at the Bilerico Project response to the case. The county also described Harold and Clay as "roommates." Are disturbances between roommates considered "domestic" violence? How stupid is the County of Sonoma in saying that this was NOT a case involving gay partners? Do mere roommates have co-joining powers of attorney? Do mere roommates leave all of their property in each other's will? July 16th will be a date for everyone to mark: the case SHOULD receive a great deal of attention. The MSM, however, has failed to report on it at all. Hopefully, the power of the blogosphere will help to produce enough attention.

And the ties to the American Family Association?

The roots of the AFA's rabid homophobia go back as far as 1998, with conservative columnist Don Feder's rant in AFA's magazine, AFA Journal:
This is still (barely) a democracy. How many times do we have to say "no" - to domestic-partners ordinances, gay marriage, efforts to coerce the Boy Scouts and public school indoctrination - before the elite takes this resounding negative as an answer?
Enter Bryan Fischer:
It might be worth noting that what I actually suggested is that we impose the same sanctions on those who engage in homosexual behavior as we do on those who engage in intravenous drug abuse, since both pose the same kind of risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. I'd be curious to know what you think should be done with IV drug abusers, because whatever it is, I think the same response should be made to those who engage in homosexual behavior.
Remember, this is the same man who advocates deportation of ALL Muslims, American-born citizens or not. This is the same man who thinks that being a "Christian Nation" means being ONLY a "Christian Nation." Intolerance for other religions is considered righteous.
The AFA's campaign against gays goes beyond  the confines of gay marriage,  but suffice it to say that the case of Clay and Harold   would go far in eliciting feelings of elation and righteousness. After all, the case may be against the County of Sonoma, but it could just as well be against religious-based organizations like the AFA.  For example, if the hospital that notified the County about Harold were a faith-based hospital, what are the chances that  Harold and Clay would have been considered  "roommates" and not partners? 

Think about it. 


UPDATE: Fischer's mudslinging ties gays, Muslims and the U.S. Armed Forces together into one evil cabal:
Bottom line: you want to know who's now running the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy and the Marines and calling the shots where it counts? Fundamentalist Muslims and homosexual activists.
In fact, I'll predict that there will be a day of prayer at the Pentagon on May 6, and it will feature a Muslim imam, a homosexual clergyman, and no conservative Christians of any kind.
This is not your father's military. It's not even your father's country anymore.
The man and the organization are trying every rhetorical trick in the book to make sure that people like Clay Greene and Harold Skull never get justice.