Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The 7 Steps to a "700 Club" Lie

Here's crucial update on the post of Dec. 6th:

Got to hand it to those CINOs. They sure can take advantge of situations - and people.

It seems that James Stabile of "the Holy Spirit zapped me" fame was horribly misused in that 700 Club "news" segment.


The Highway to Holiness segment actually happened waaay back in September, so there must have been some debate as to whether or not to air it. CBN execs and Pat Robertson: to lie, or to to lie.

As it turns out, there were several very disturbing factors: 1. after the experience, Stabile was set upon by an ex-gay group; 2. he called his parents to say that he was moving out; 3 his parents didn't hear from him for two weeks; 4. Stabile is severely manic-depressive; 5. he was told that God would heal this as well as his homosexuality and coerced him into not taking his lithium; 5. Stabile's father is the PASTOR of a United Methodist church in Dallas; 6. Stabile's parents are openly supportive of their son being gay; 7. Stabile came home with a horror story of a "pray away the gay" camp.

Tomorrow I will flesh out a plan I hopebloggers and readers everywhere will follow.

Again, stay tuned.