Sunday, November 23, 2008

And This Is What They're AFRAID OF?

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As Knights of the Right, Family Research Council and its fearless Prince Anthony are always looking out for terrible dragons to slay. Their standard is actually "Slay Gay."

O.K., I saw this and couldn't resist. It's a bit of Japanese art that you can find at along with other LGBT dragons, demons, ghosts and frightful things Tony Perkins and his pals don't want you to see.

FRC: get a life!

FRC and The Dating Game: Forsooth! A Battle Lost!

eHarmony is a cowardly TRAITOR!

Family Research Council constantly sees itself as the brave knight waging the war against the demon of homosexuality and its "agenda". While it considered Proposition 8 to be a battle won, it immediately discovered the treasonous act of what it thought was one of its staunchest warriors.

The surest way to lose the culture war is refusing to fight. Unfortunately, no company illustrates that better than eHarmony, whose shocking concession to the homosexual movement is sending tremors through the faith community...To those of us in the pro-family movement who hailed eHarmony's commitment to the virtue of traditional marriage, the company's actions are distressing and damaging.
"Shocking concession...sending tremors through the faith community...virtue of traditional marriage." Tony Perkins is definitely in a Gothic phase. If only the rest of the country would take him seriously. Oh, some do, to be sure: his boss, James Dobson for one. However, this latest phase makes Christofascist FRC look, well, medieval.

He shares this Gothic obsession of knights and fair damsels with other "knights" around the country. Unfortunately, the castle those knights are besieging is the citadel of civil rights. Tony doesn't think he's a member of these groups, but many of their members are FRC members.

Oh, and as appropriate to chivalrous knights, they all wear white...sheets.