Friday, October 31, 2008

The Impossible Just Happened...

Campaigns across the country just got uglier.

Probably the one you've heard about in the last 24 hours is the close U.S. Senate seat for North Carolina: Kay Hagan vs. Elizabeth Dole.

Dole will probably get a lot of awards this year for her latest ad about Kay Hagan. Unfortunately, these awards will have words like "worst" "most despicable" "most horrendous" "lousiest" and "most offensive." The advertisement in question raises questions about Dole's desperation: it is horribly cobbled together and ends with a "quote" from Kagan that "there is no God." One problem: Kagan is still a Sunday school teacher and a member in very good standing with the Presbyterian Church! AND Kagan's voice was faked!

This is almost as nasty as the extortion of on businesses that donated to Equality California (No on Prop 8).

Extortion. Fraud, Libel. Money laundering.* The chicanery seems to be pretty one-sided at times, but there have been many attacks by the left as well. Will all this stuff end on Nov.4th?


Just a thought.

(see any article on the manipulation of campaign contributions by Michele Bachmann).