Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On My Ordination: Heartwarming Responses

I'm all ferklempt! Although it's only been several hours since I announced my intention to fight the Christian Right with my ordination, I've received three responses. Yes, only three, but they're the most wonderful responses I could have imagined!

I really want to share them with you:

Bravo! for standing up to the idiots!

I really enjoyed your article. Very succinct and really hit the nail on the head. I have become so incensed at how they take over our media and politics. They pummel us with their ideology. They want us to stop being individual thinkers and follow like sheep behind their inane ridiculous personal beliefs. 
Thank You for letting me know there are real intelligent, thoughtful people that understand what is going on, what the agenda is. More power to you.

Your Reverendness:

I'm sorry you've such a generally hard time. I don't know your story, but I hear a lot of anger and a fair amount of pain. I run the ULC Seminary and I feel that anyone who has to deal with any-wingers has my sympathy. I hear from them a lot in my business, but I also hear from a lot of people who are just trying to find their way. 

I'm not sure what possessed me to reach out, but it just seemed like you needed a hello. 

Your sardonic wit hits the hypocrites where they live-their souls such as they are

Dear Rev. Dan Vojir, 
Thank you for your self-reliance and for your supporting others in same. 
I am Quaker and your ideas for being ones own preacher fits my beliefs exactly. 
Your words are full of life, Rev. Dan and I thank you for this as well. 

Were They Chanting "Jesus!" "Jesus!" Or "Kill" "Kill"?

I find it odd that the only one following the teachings of Jesus Christ
 in that crowd is a Muslim.

This is Islamophobia at its worst. It is also Christofascism at its worst. 

While one can say that this kind religious intolerance and harassment shouldn't be allowed to exist, the problem we have is that it DOES. Had the Muslim man not been in front of the White House, had he been in, say, Alabama, parts of Kansas, or even parts of Southern California, who knows what would have happened to him. Had he been near any state senator who wants to "ban Sharia law" on the basis of ignorance and fear, I would not have vouchsafed his life.