Thursday, November 8, 2007

What Did GOD Whisper in Pat's Ear?

Did Guiliani and Robertson cut a deal?

Pat Robertson has now definitely crossed that fine line he has been walking on the last 20 years. His sanity is no longer in question. He has taken the plunge into the lake of lunacy. Calling down meteors against gays, saying that feminists practice witchcraft and calling for assasinations – no proclamation comes close to the news that he has endorsed Rudy Guiliani for President. Guiliani is pro-choice and soft on gays. Does Pat know that Rudy stayed with to queens while his divorce was going through? Tsk tsk Rudy. Does Pat have something more on you than you want the public to know?

What was Pat thinking? Did leg-pressing all that weight put pressure somewhere other than his posterior? Did God suddenly tell Pat that those 40 million abort fetuses were just a mistake? And that Roe vs. Wade wasn't that bad after all?

Just what kind of DEAL did these two come up with? Robertson wouldn't be so stupid as to become moderate all of a sudden - his ratings/donor base would plummet. And is Guiliani going to flip/flop? Something's missing. Something very secret.

Stay tuned. There's a very shadey story brewing.