Monday, October 6, 2008

The Fine Print of Pat Robertson's Website

Or, The Hypocrisy of Making An American Icon
To His Own Image

Pat Robertson delivered a speech at the University of Virginia (founded by Thomas Jefferson). On Robertson's website (under the dubious link to "statesman") is given the following description: - Synopsis: The Jefferson Memorial pledge on the "altar of God (of) eternal enmity against every form of tyranny over the mind of man" challenges Americans today. Governments can cause tyranny, a welfare state can cause tyranny, and political correctness creates tyranny. Pat calls for freedom for believers to pursue their faith, freedom from undue government regulation and a restoration of Jeffersonian defense of God-given liberties.

Jefferson was a deist as far as religious beliefs go. He believed that a higher power created the world, then sat back, as it were, to look at it, but not interfere with it in any way. When it came to religion, Jefferson coined the phrase "Wall of separation between church and state." Although Thomas Jefferson was a deist, he clipped pieces of the New Testament and bound together his own work called The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth. This "Jefferson Bible" was devoid of all the miracles and the entire Old Testament. The last year of his life, Jefferson became a Unitarian.

Robertson's ballsy hypocrisy takes everything Jefferson ever held dear, makes them sins, then pins the REAL tyranny on Jefferson as the founder of it all:

Jefferson not only believed in freedom of religion, he believed in freedom FROM religion. He believed in the freedom of the mind, an idea that Robertson constantly and thoroughly removes from the discourse on "faith". Jefferson never believed in the miracles of the Bible. Robertson's speech declares himself to be :

a Jeffersonian Conservative, and as such, I share his hatred of any form of tyranny over the minds of men, be it Communism, be it Fascism, be it Socialism, be it the over-bearing liberal welfare state, or be it the stultifying political correctness that has reached out to stifle freedom of expression on countless college and university campuses across America.
Robertson never states that it is religion that has a "tyranny over the minds of men." His idea of "stultifying political correctness" is any ruling concerning hate speech. Political correctness is therefore anti-Christian and, as follows, anti-American.

When will people learn to tell the difference between a clown like Pat Robertson and a minister who has no political ambitions or biases? Oh well, there will always be two kinds of Elmers: Elmer Gantry and Elmer Fudd. Robertson is a Gantry for sure. He doesn't have a shotgun.

He doesn't need one.

Someone will use the shotgun for him.

Just a thought

Holy Pat Robertson! The "Lions of Tarshish" Landed in Davenport, Iowa!

All just a hop, skip, and a jump from Davenport, Iowa!

Hope They're Not Too Hungry!

Ever media-hungry Pat Robertson has tried to muscle in on the national news before and this time he doesn't disappoint: Between now and the inauguration of the next president, Israel will do a pre-emptive strike against Iran and send the Middle East into a tailspin, not to mention usher in Christ for Armeggedon and the Millenium.

(From Pat Robertson's website)

Where will the United States be in all of this conflict? According to Ezekiel, the “young lions of Tarshish” will be questioning the Russians about their aggression – questioning, but not acting to stop it. Who are these “young lions of Tarshish?” Tarshish was the region beyond Cadiz in Spain. In antiquity, explorers from Tarshish came to Ireland, then across the ocean to North America, traveling the Mississippi River as far as the present-day site of Davenport, Iowa.

OMG! Hmm... do you know of anyone from Davenport, IA who looks kind of, well, you know, un-American? I've been there - my maternal grandfather is buried there - but I never saw anyone vaguely Semitic. Will you vote Republican to shore up our defenses? Should we watch Christian Broadcasting Network for further updates? (Because, as everyone knows, all of the other "news" programs are bastions of Godless atheism!). Should we warn Iran? (There must be SOME good Iranians there, possibly some Christians hiding in catacombs).

"...Will this unfold all at once? It’s difficult to say. But what is clear is this: The Israeli strike against Iran will be the trigger. From then on, dramatic events will follow in quick succession. It all will conclude when God has rained fire on the islands of the sea and on the invading force coming against Israel."

Reality check here: the "Lions of Tarshish" have about five different Biblical meanings, only one of which (Ezekiel) mentions something about a city which might have been called Tartessos in southern Spain which might have had trade relations with the city of Tyre. The Bible says nothing about the children of Tarshish settling in Davenport, IA or even going to Ireland. Robertson's "antiquity" is immensely screwed up.

Could it be that national and international news has taken its toll on poor Pat's self-esteem and he is, again, crying desperately for attention? Could it be that, in his own inimitable way, he is saying "See what you get for not electing me president in '88!" His website touts him as a "Statesman" because he ran for election and spoke to some national leaders. As I've said before, "statesman" is different than "politician." Madelaine Albright was a "statesman" while George W. Bush is a politician (as was his father).
They don't look corn-fed to me!

Could it be that this is Pat's way of telling every "Christian" to vote against Barack Hussein Obama? Maybe he (like some other dimwits) truly believes that Obama is the AntiChrist.

Sorry, Pat. That spot's already been taken up by Sarah Palin.

Pat Robertson History's Oldest Pharisee

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Unfortunately, there are STILL some people who believe him!

Pat Robertson's Pre-election Prayers for the theologically-challenged:
  • Pray that God’s mighty angels would surround and protect our nation in these perilous times;
  • Pray that America’s leadership will seek godly wisdom as they face critical events in the weeks and months ahead;
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to sweep across the globe, preparing hearts to accept Jesus and enter God’s Kingdom before tragic events unfold;
  • Pray for God to change the hearts of leaders in Russia, Iran, and other nations who wish to do harm to Israel.

And pray that Israel will accept our plans for a JesusLand museum and theme park near Jerusalem.