Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christofascist Alert! All Leave Cancelled Until December 26th!

The Defense Of Christmas Has Just Come Upon Us!
(God save us from this arrogant righteousness!)

Michael Reagan - the supercalifragilisticexpealidocious son of President Ronald Reagan (Mary Poppins never DID tell us what that word meant, but I know and I'm not telling!) - is joining forces with Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly to defend Christmas and leave "Happy Holidays" to the dreaded demonspawn:

(From: Christmas is Not a Holiday -- It's a Birthday, by Michael Reagan,
Despite the fact that close to 90 percent of all Americans are Christians -- and that along with Easter, Christmas is one of the two most sacred days in the Christian calendar -- we have allowed a tiny minority among us to turn Christ’s birthday celebration into a secular holiday devoid of any religious significance whatsoever.

...The secular progressives who shrivel at the sound of a “Merry Christmas” greeting have long succeeded in intimidating the world of commerce and government. It’s about time for the 90 percent of Americans who call themselves Christians to do a little intimidation of their own.

The phrase "...who call themselves Christians," is very important to note. CINOS (Christians In Name Only) account for some 24% of the population (they don't go to church! gasp!). And that remaining 10% is the biggest 10% you ever saw! Approximately, (according to the U.S. Census Bureau) it includes: 2 million Buddhists, 1 million Hindus, 2 million Muslims, 1 million Jehovah's witnesses, 3 Million Jews, 100,000 Scientologists (not including Tom Cruise who counts as another 10,000), 100,000 Sikhs, 6 million Mormons (Christians? - still up in the air) and 750,000 Unitarian Universalists. Reagan's "Army" numbers have been inflated to intimidate us (his mortal enemy).

My fellow Christians should join me in pledging never again to shop in any commercial establishment where the clerks greet us with that “Happy Holiday” greeting as an insult to our religious beliefs, just as we must defend the exhibition of the menorah or other Jewish symbols at Hanukkah.

What says Christmas more than "Even though we're in tough economic times, we'll ruin your business and have you sack that lowly clerk for not assuming that we're holier than thou Christians! Ahem, ah, we meant JUDEO-Christians!" Does that stand for people who celebrate Kwanza?
We should never again vote for a candidate who does not recognize the right of Christians to have their sacred religious observances recognized by all levels of government, and who will not vigorously oppose all attempts to take Christ out of Christmas and Christmas out of the calendar.
In other words, "we have political clout - Jerry Falwell said so."

Am I missing the point? Isn't Christmas supposed to be a "season of giving" in the TRUE sense? That would include all of those people who
don't believe in the babe-in-a-manger story, but do believe in Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward Men. The last phrase, I assume, means not offending anyone. Yes, that means being PC (double gasp!) which I mean to stand for Polite and Compassionate.

Beware of Michael Reagan* as you would Michael Savage (the one who hates autistic kids). Of course, you could send him a message by telling people not to listen to his radio show. Oh, but that wouldn't be PC.

Oh, and I know of no one who "shrivels" at the sound of "Merry Christmas." Maybe the Grinch, but he was "saved" by all the Whos in Whoville.

Just a thought.

*Mike Reagan, the elder son of the late President Ronald Reagan and chairman of, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Radio America Network. Look for Mike’s newest book, “Twice Adopted” and other info at E-mail comments to No kidding. Tell him what you REALLY think of him!

Bush's Legacy Helmed by Rove

Our Legacy Will Go On And On

It seems that B**h is having a hard time re-mapping his wonderful journey through the Presidency, even with Karl Rove at the helm. It seems that the American public has a better sense of direction.

Thank God!

Uunprepared Bush

Separating Religion and Politics - In Mumbai or In Colorado Springs?

If They Want To Do It There, Why Can't We Do It Here?

It seems that India has its own problems of separation of church and state. After they've experienced too much fundamentalism and too much fanaticism, parts of the Middle East and the subcontinent now want to start separating church and state. But can they do it? After all, they're still modeling their governments on ours:

The Telegraph

Bullets blow hole in hate politics

Mumbai, Dec. 2: Lakshman Prasad Jadhav has voted Shiv Sena every time since losing his entire family in the 1993 riots. But the taxi driver says last week’s terror attack did not reopen old wounds, it opened his eyes.

On November 26, Jadhav was at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus when the militants struck. “I saw a Muslim woman in a burqa running with a baby in her arms. She suddenly came face to face with a terrorist,” he said.

“He shot her and the baby without batting an eyelid. My whole worldview changed in a moment.”

The terrorists probably hoped to revive the polarization seen after the Mumbai riots and blasts of 1993, and also to an extent after the 2006 train bombings. But from priest to public, the one sentiment being expressed over and over is that the city will never again be hostage to the politics of hate.

Ah, changing worldviews! What a wonderful phrase! Unfortunately, here, in the U.S., many people don't really have worldviews; they'd rather stick to countyviews or stateviews. Seriously, who was the last person you met who knew where Mumbai was? Where Karachi was? Kabul?

As well: there are factions here desperately trying to join church and state TOGETHER! If we're learning anything from the "emerging nations", we'd better heed the call to a secularist state where religious freedom means just that: freedom to practice ANY religion you choose, and freedom from religion in that our government does not place one religion over another, no matter how many people in the government have similar religious beliefs.

Yes, a Christofascist government is not what our Founding Fathers wanted - albeit that's what our great religious leaders want us to think. Religious leaders like Rick Warren, who wants us to think that Christianity was meant for social responsibility, but really wants us all to become Christians after we receive the crust of bread.

To Out Or Not To Out? Depends On The Hypocrite!

Feeling So Good About Someone Else's Shame

Conservative Christian university official busted in gay sex sting

(Cincinnati, Ohio) The chief financial officer of Cincinnati Christian University has pleaded not guilty to prostitution charges. Police arrested Robert Williams, 52, on the weekend after he allegedly got into a man’s car in Mount Airy Forest and “touched his genitals.” The man in car was an undercover cop. Williams has been placed on administrative leave while the case continues. “We are shocked and dismayed by the news,” said Cincinnati Christian University President David Faust in a statement. “This is a personal tragedy for him and for his family, and we lift them up in our prayers.”
Openly gay students are not accepted by the university, and students who come out can be expelled. Cincinnati Christian University was founded in 1924 and has about 540 undergraduate students.
There's always something sad about outing someone, even if that someone is a hypocrite. But if he or she is not, then a purposeful sting operation is wrong. Very, very wrong.

I'm sure that many people cheered when Pastor Ted Haggard and Sen. Craig Stevens were exposed. I was one of them. It's always sweet when we catch a person saying one thing while doing another (person). The higher they are, the more we love to see them fall. The more sanctimonious they seem, the more we relish seeing them tarnished.

But when a "sting" operation arrests a a person who has no history of bashing/condemning anyone (we don't know if the above CFO actively participated in anti-gay discrimination), then it's the public (or in this case, the police force) that is wrong.

The chief hypocrite in this case seems to be the president of the university (Pres. David Faust - the name sounds familiar - has he sold his soul?). His statement sounds guarded, insincere and rather treacly. "Lift them up in our prayers" sounds more like "Out! Out damned spot!"

Hypocrites deserve humiliation.

Closeted people deserve respect.

Just a thought.