Friday, October 24, 2008

We/They: The Dychotomy The Christian Right Will ALWAYS Cherish!

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This is the dichotomy that Christofascists will always want. They are, after all, the ones who truly created "pagans" "heathens'' "lepers" "outcasts" "pariahs" "white trash" "niggers" and..."homosexuals" . Without them, we would be in better harmony with each other today.

So Just What Part Of America Is THE MOST Patriotic, John McCain?

Redneck City?
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“Western Pennsylvania is
the most patriotic,

most God-loving,
most patriotic part of America.”
- John McCain

Barring the redundancy of the statement, where does that leave the rest of us? McCain didn't say "just as" or "one of the", he said MOST. Apparently patriotism and God-loving come in degrees.

What spurred this on: Democratic Rep. John Murtha said “there is no question that Western Pennsylvania is a racist area.” The Republicans are counting on that out-of-context sentence to make blue Pennsylvania see red and vote red(der) - more than it normally votes. So what other areas of the United States did McCain call the MOST patriotic and the MOST God-loving? Probably every place he's campaigned. But what's significant about this complement is that racially charged areas will take it that he MEANS it.

Again, he's sowing the seeds of dissent and discontent when he thinks he's only pandering. The whitest of white guys is telling rednecks that they are the ones who are the MOST important when it comes to patriotism and God-loving. Yes, they mighjt be in a minority, but McCain, in one stroke, made them THE MOST RIGHTEOUS of minorities in the country. He empowered people whom Jeff Foxworthy wouldn't even associate with.

The doors of the single-wides have been flung open and it's "lock and load" time for Western Pennsylania.

Someone is going to get hurt.

Just a thought.