Monday, January 28, 2008

Did Heath Ledger Die for Our Sins?

Phelps: Hallelujah for Star-studded, Spectacular Deaths!

20 years ago today, the space shuttle Challenger exploded only seconds after take-off, killing allseven crew members. Fred Phelps didn't have a media presence back then, or he would have shouted "Glory Hallelujah" just as he did after the Columbia disaster:

Anti-homosexual activist Fred Phelps produced a flier that claimed, "The 7 Are In Hell," where he stated, "God's Arm hurled Columbia in fragments to the ground, and hurled the 7 fools into the everlasting fires of Hell - in wrath and vengeance, laughing, mocking and deriding this nation of fags." - Phelp's Web site, 2/2

His website's latest headline:
Thank God Ledger Is Dead!
Heath Ledger Is In Hell!
LORD Willing we will preach at his funeral!
Heath Ledger chose to promote the vile sin of sodomy in defiance of God's law. No one made him play a faggot cowboy in "Brokeback Mountain". No one made him kiss another man, in a flagrant attempt to further desensitize not only americans but Bible-illiterate fools the world over to the filthy depravity that is faggotry. He chose to do that all on his own. He could have used that bully pulpit he has to promote the cause of God and truth instead. God has repaid him to his face for his filth. Thank God for His Justice. All who flaunt God's law can expect the same. Amen

Of course, we instantly dismiss whatever Phelps and his Topeka, KS family of hate say about anyone or anything. After all, who listens?

Someone might.

That's the real tragedy of Ledger's death: that anyone might use his name or image to actually kill someone else. It makes no difference that Ledger was an actor in a fictional film. To someone, he might have been more than real. Someone may be out there who hates the Heath Ledgers of the world - the people who are willing to take risks so that others will stop and think about macho images and tolerance.

Thank you, Heath Ledger.