Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Inflatable Nativity Redux

Sorry folks, but it's the Holidays and I just HAD to put this up again!

The top of this party catalogue ad posits this gem:

“Let them experience the real reason for Christmas”

But what’s the “real reason”?

Figure it out in this oh-so-realistic portrayal where:

1. Mary didn’t have all her teeth and was apparently 8 months pregnant
immediately after giving birth (unless she too is inflatable).
2. The inflatable manager could double as Moses’ little reed basket on the Nile...or be the centerpiece of a floating nativity scene in the pool.
3. One of the Three Kings had a sex change.
4. Shiny brown beards were all the rage back then in the Eastern Mediterranean.
5. The first Christmas showcased the beauty of polyester.
6. Even I thought this display was tasteless. The inflatable manger really got to me.

The catalogue also has larger sizes of costumes for adults. The manger, however, is a “one size fits all.”

How many storefront churches bought this stuff? Probably hundreds. And how many in-your-face Religious Right churches have boycotted it? Probably zero. They never did try to remove that glow-in-the-dark plastic Jesus from people’s cars, so why should they protest a tacky setup like this? After all, this is not an attack on Christianity.

Or is it?
Hmmm. How deliciously subversive!

Addendum: How many of you actually saw something like this? Come on, fess up!
And to all of you DIDN'T look like this - for this or any other Christmas,