Friday, February 1, 2008

Versus Versus Versus!

Why, our my little 'ole brains would bust
if we thought of all the possibilities!

Even though the field of candidates has dwindled, we Americans still have plenty of sides to choose from. You think it eventually boils down to two parties? Guess again:

Clinton vs. McCain - Steel Magnolia vs. the War in Iraq

Clinton vs. Romney - Woman vs. Man

Clinton vs. Huckabee - Woman vs. Southern Baptist Preacher

Obama vs. McCain - African-American vs. War in Iraq

Obama vs. Romney - African-American vs. White Wealthy Man

Obama vs. Huckabee - Race vs. God

Then we have:
Liberalism vs. Value Voters
Focus on the Family vs. Same Sex Marriage
Illegal aliens vs. White Supremicists
Globalization vs. Ostrich head-in-the-sandism
Secularism vs. Christianism
Ann Coulter vs. Everyone

etc. etc. etc. into infinity! And until November (FOREVER!)