Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Joke's on Jesus

Take a look at this one:

It's obviously a take-off.

Here's the sad part: I thought it was a take-off of a possible marketed product. I just discovered (through Amazon, not Walmart) that there IS a talking Jesus doll, and a Moses doll, and a Mary doll - all by the same company, One 2 Believe. http://store.messengersoffaith.net/index.html

Now take a look at the:

Deluxe Miracle Jesus - Action Figure Has Glow in the Dark hands - Comes with 5 Loaves of Bread, 2 Fish, 1 Water into Wine Jug. Other products by Novelty Figures.

After looking at the Novelty Figures' selection, however, I decided I would have more fun with the Obsessive Compulsive doll that requires you to wash your hands with every turn of the page on his instruction manual.

Of course, this one is by far more blasphemous:


You have to turn the crown of thorns on his head (which is kinda icky), but phrases like "Don't make me have to rise from the dead and kick your ass." And "You act like you were born in a barn!" are worth it.

However, think about it: which one is the MOST blasphemous? How low can God get when He's reduced to an action figure?

Oh well, for Christmas, it almost beats the inflatable Nativity.

Holy plastic. Allelujah. Amen.