Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Politics: Still the Greatest Show on Earth - But Bush Made a Better Clown Than a Ringmaster

And the new crop of campaigners promises one helluva show!
Or at least their politial baggage does!

Politics if nothing else, is entertaining: it supplies stand-up comedians with almost all their material, it's an endless supply of plots for TV shows, The Seven Deadly Sins never had it so good: politics is the lust-greed-envy-sloth-gluttony-wrath-pride monster showing off his tricks in the center ring of the world's circus.
Bush made a good clown but a bad ringmaster- to the detriment of the country's image. Cheney was a poor sharpshooter, but was entertaining nonetheless whenever he told someone to "go f*ck" themselves. Old Ashroft wowed us with his magic tricks - making obscene art disappear. Gonzales did a spectacular highwire balancing act by telling people that he didn't recall anything. Condi Rice danced on horses asses - a lot..

So what are Clinton, Obama and McCain? They really haven't proved themselves as yet but give the time. What they have featured so far is their supporters: like that little car that spews out all the clowns: Hagee, Parsley, Wright, Farrakhan ... and they're still coming out!

But will Nany Pelosi be up to the job of Lion tamer?

Isn't show business wonderful?

Nah! Washington could NEVER be that artistic!