Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"We don't get no respect!" #1 - Gay Marriage According to Rick Santorum

Well, not ALL queers are perfect spellers!

"They Don't Have Anything To
PROVE They're As Good As We Are!"

Rick Santorum to Pew Forum:

They have no studies. They have no information whatsoever about what it would do to the moral ecology of the country, y what it would do to religious liberty, what it would do to the mental and physical health of children -- nothing. They've made no case. Basically the case they've made is, "We want what you want, and therefore you should give it to us."Pew Research Forum (Shannon Price Minter)

There is not one study showing children are harmed in any way by having lesbian or gay parents. To the contrary, as Mary Cheney recently stated in response to criticisms of her decision to have a child with her female partner that every piece of remotely responsible research that's been done in the last 20 years has shown there's no difference between children raised by same-sex parents and children raised by opposite-sex parents. What matters is that children are raised in a stable loving environment.

O.K., I'll bite on the second one: what the hell is "moral ecology"? Santorum, I think, has coined his own phrase, but it's bogus. Maybe he means morals about the ecology? If so, what do they have to do with gay marriage? Do male plants want to marry other male plants? If so, what about plants and animals that contain both sexes or have role reversals? Do seahorses want same-sex rights? I think Santorum thinks he's being clever with his phrase and oh so deep...in it.

What would a man marrying a man do to religious liberty? Nothing. Again, Santorum is talking about two different things. Or maybe HIS definition of religious liberty is not freedom of religion, but freedom of a religion to espouse anything it wants without criticism. Santorum is really talking about the freedom of pulpit pimps to spew hate speech, thereby endangering others who do not share the same view.

"Mental and physical health of the children". If the Religious Right were not so deliberate in their hate by banning books educating children (e.g. "Heather Has Two Mommies") and were not so diligent in pointing out gays as "sinners" and "pedophiles" children of gay parents would have an easier time at school, don't you think?

And as far as "wanting" is concerned: what gays want are RIGHTS and not necessarily four kids, a mortgaged McMansion and two "hers and hers" SUVs.

Santorum goes on to say that for Christians, it is difficult waging the culture war because if they oppose same-sex marriage they are perceived as "intolerant" "bigots""haters". WOW! I didn't know that! Are those righteously arrogant pastors, preachers, ministers of God really Christians? And here I was, all the this time, just calling them "stupid." YES! In the case of religion, one bad apple CAN spoil a whole bunch of people. Today's ministers of the Religious Right are proud of how many people they command, as Rod Parsley would put it, as "warriors for Christ." To them, the culture war is a jihad with a "take no prisoners" policy.

So Santorum is ready to fight. He'll be the man of iron in the war. But with feet of clay.

Yes, this photo is wrong but too funny to pass up. It's a "cartooned" version of Santorum's concession speech after he lost his bid for a second term as senator.
Note: several commenters made observations that were, well, direct: why does the girl have a doll that's dressed exactly like her? And why does the boy look so ...strange? Is this the American family Santorum is fighting for? Makes you want Gomez Addams to run for office just for the sake of normalcy.

"We Don't Get No Respect": #2 Celebrities Aren't REALLY Citizens of the U.S. Are They?

These Aren't Real People! They're Just Here To Entertain Us, Right?

Celebrity Political Opinions

Hey, who cares what George Clooney or that wacko Johnny Depp thinks?

America has made it's own bed as far as celebrities go. Celebrities aren't real unless they sit down to dinner with them in their trailer. But celebrities are also PROPERTY for Americans to do with as they wish. If celebrities have lives, they are to submit them to the American public for approval or else...they won't be celebrities much longer. So if a celebrity has an opinion, their creators will listen enraptured (after all they DID create them!) or dismiss them.

The online magazine POLITICO recently interviewed Barbra Streisand. The interview is, of course, a set up on my part to reveal how some people view celebrities voicing political opinions. Most of those people are conservatives who believe that Hollywood has poisoned our minds with its liberalism.

A lot of folks object to "Hollywood celebrities" participating in political discourse. Aside from pure disagreement over certain issues, why do you think there's such a backlash when you or other well-known performers speak your mind?

On a very basic level, many people think celebrities have too much already so we shouldn’t be entitled to our political opinions. Also, the other side objects to the fact that we might be listened to. But, I see myself first and foremost as a citizen of this country. And I am outspoken about the issues I care about like healthcare, global warming, the war in Iraq, energy independence, education, poverty and so on.

I think we are all lucky to live in a country where people have the constitutional right to voice their opinion and speak their mind without punishment or penalty. Everyone should exercise that right, because it engages people in the political process and forces our candidates to be clear about their stances on important issues affecting all Americans.


- Streisand, like alot of Americans, only look for the (D) behind the candidates name in deciding who they should vote for. She a product of the same "brainwashing" that most folks in Hollywood get from the liberal socialists that own it and manage it........sad.

- Babs, Springsteen, Sir Elton and likes should keep their political views at the kitchen table and not use their popularity to spread political nonsense.

- Another left wing nut Citizen of the world loon

"We Don't Get No Respect": #3 Does It Really Matter What Other Countries Think of Us?

That We're Dangerously Stupid

Pew Research Center:

More Americans now say that the United States is less respected in the world than it has been in the past, and a growing proportion views this as a major problem for the country. More than seven-in-ten Americans (71%) say that the United States is less respected by other countries these days, up from 65% in August 2006.

For the first time since Pew began asking this question in 2004, a majority of Americans now sees the loss of international respect for the United States as a major problem. The percentage of Americans saying the loss of international respect is a major problem has risen from 43% in 2005 to 48% in 2006 and 56% currently.

The most recent national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted May 21-25 among 1,505 adults, finds that majorities of Democrats (81%), independents (72%) and Republicans (60%) believe that the United States has lost global respect in recent years.

Since our diplomatic dimwit has destroyed at least 100 years of diplomacy and good will, please do not be surprised with the Japanese tourists who want to see if Manzanar is still standing; or the French tourists who want to taste "freedom fries"; the English tourists who ask directions to the Salem Witchcraft trials or the South African tourists who want to see the "Wild West Show".

But most of all, don't be surprised if they are suspicious and afraid of you.

While I was on a cruise during the 2004 election, I noticed that a lot of Eurpopeans on the ship were all talking about the election. I asked: "Why are you so engrossed in this election?" Their was was short, but direct: "We need to see if you are going to elect a war president or a peace president."

Our image is one that was surmised by the United Nations back in 2001 when they labeled us a "Rogue Nation." The U.N. was canny enough to realize that Bush wanted war even BEFORE he came to office. We were also kicked off the security council.

Religionists (especially Christofasctists) hate the U.N. and don't care about our international image. After all, unless the country is thoroughly Christian, they don't count.

Do they?

Just a thought.