Saturday, July 19, 2008

Raging Rapturists In Sunday's Pulpit: "What's This Nonsense About Diplomacy?"

Prayers For Armaggedon May Increase
By A Thousandfold This Weekend!

"DIPLOMACY?! We never supported Bush for anything like THAT!"

All Rapture Reverends and Pulpit Pimps will be on a rampage this Sunday, so watch out! The mosques in this country might have to hire armed guards! Bush has just yanked the Armaggedon rug out from underneath them! George W. Bush, the President who said "God wants me to be President," is diverging from their wishes and actually talking about taking diplomatic measures with Iran! Has he gone mad? Does he need more spiritual guidance to lead him down the path of righteousness, to destroy Islam, restore all of Israel and hasten the Rapture?

Pat Robertson must be seething! Rod Parsley must be turning green! John Hagee must be in shock!

I've combed the net for two hours trying to find statements by the Religious Right as to reactions, but have come up with absolutely nothing. They may all be in shock or they may be working extra-hard on their Sunday sermons. Think of it: Armaggedon postponed! They've campaigned so hard for war, that it seemed within their grasp. "Bomb, bomb, bomb...bomb, bomb Iran" - McCain's faux pas became a kind of hip hymn, quietly sung, of course, and in the presence of a select few. The following clips of articles indicate just how longingly they prayed for war:

Rod Parsley

(from Unastronaut May 16, 2008...2:37 pm)

McCain’s ’spiritual guide’ Rod Parsley: “We get off on warfare!”...Rod Parsley, on the other hand, is literally trying to start a religious war and crusade. He believes somehow that America was created to destroy Islam, ignoring the language of the 1st Amendment. It is clear that the government shall stay out of the way, and the affairs of religion. If his extremist church believes there’s a call to arms against Islam, it has nothing to do with the American government. It really has nothing to do with reality. His conception is perverse and incites violence, but by the very Constitution he ignores, his voice is protected.

Pat Robertson:

On the May 2 edition of the Christian Broadcasting Network's The 700 Club, host Pat Robertson claimed that Iran "now has atomic weapons," even though, the U.S. intelligence community, as well as independent experts, agree that Iran is years away from having the capability to manufacture nuclear weapons.

"It's amazing that Iran has come to the fore as it has with a president who says Israel should be wiped off the map, who ... now has atomic weapons," adding that "[a] year ago, the Lord told me ... that Israel was entering into the most dangerous time in its existence," and "confirmed this again in January."

From, Jan, 2007)

Televangelist Pat Robertson, an influential sage of the Neo-Con war machine and an icon of its radical ideological underpinnings, has predicted turmoil in 2007 after he claimed God had told him in a conversation that major U.S. cities would suffer mass terror attacks after September that would potentially kill millions of people.

John Hagee: (from Media Matters Aug. 16, 2006) During the interview, Hagee argued that "the moment they feel that Iran has a nuclear device, [the United States and Israel] need to take out the nuclear capabilities of that country." Hagee also predicted that Israel "will bomb the nuclear facilities in Iran" if they acquire nuclear capabilities and even asserted that "Iran will use nuclear weapons against Israel and ... against the United States of America."
James Dobson A quote from his radio show:
"The world looked at Hitler and just didn't believe him and tried to appease him the way we're hearing in Washington today. You know, the President seems to me does understand this."

And to sum up, this piece says it nicely:
(Perrspectives, May 16, 2007)

As I wrote in here, President Bush is seeking counsel from people who are trying to stoke the fires with Iran to accelerate a conflict they believe will bring the Second Coming of Christ. From protesting the removal of Israeli settlements in Gaza and the West Bank to actually trying to breed the mysterious "red heifer" which will signal the Second Coming, Falwell, Hagee, Dobson, Bauer and their ilk hope to foment war in the Middle East to fulfill biblical destiny.

Yes, the apocalypticists, Armaggedon freaks, and end-times advocates may have to wait a little longer and keep fomenting hatred in people's minds and hearts like some eternal flame.

The Rosetta Stone: Portal of the Past, Key to the Future

I almost forgot to post this photo.

To me, the discovery of the Rosetta Stone was one of THE most important finds in history because it opened up a whole ancient culture to the rest of the world.

And even though it was an accidental find, it focuses on the importance of the SCIENCE of archeology. Yes, it is a science. Some religionists don't think so since it has come up with some contradictory evidence against the inerrancy of the Bible. But this science has also come up with artifacts and writings that have supported the Bible as well.

With discoveries like the Rosetta Stone, we discover more about ...ourselves.