Thursday, July 3, 2008

Koko and her Kitten

It's Koko's Birthday today!

Koko's vocabulary is now over 1000 signs. She's also very creative with her words: once she was angry with her playmate and called him a "bad dirty toilet." She loves cats and kittens. Her first kitten was tail-less, so Koko called her "All Ball."

I wish she would run for President. Well, she's a helluva lot more intelligent than the one we've got now!

Pssst: Oil Will Be $200 a Barrel by Christmas!

(But Don't Tell Anyone - Because It's A SECRET!)

From: The Oil Drum, July 2, 2008

Countdown to $200 oil: International Energy Agency says current prices justified...

It is oddly fitting that we touched $100 oil on 31 December and got half way from $100 to $200 oil on 30 June - so we're on track to reach $200 oil by 31 December this year (in case you're wondering: +42% and again +42% from that level = +100% from the initial level).

It is also fitting that on that same date, the International Energy Agency published one of its gloomiest ever analyses
of the oil markets, asserting that oil prices are justified by fundamentals

Now Read THIS: (From the Washington Independent July 2, 2008)

Waxman: White House Knew Of Hunt/Kurdistan Oil Contract

Today the House oversight committee released a report asserting that the White House knew about an oil deal between the Kurdistan regional government and Texas-based Hunt Oil, though President George W. Bush had claimed he knew nothing about the contract before it was announced. According to the report, Ray Hunt, President of the company, talked to Bush administration advisers months before the deal was made. Also, officials at the Commerce and State departments encouraged the deal and even congratulated Hunt after obtaining the contract. ... In a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, committee chair Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.) asked whether the Bush administration also played a bigger role than they claim in recent Iraq oil contracts given to Exxon Mobile, Shell, BP and Chevron. The New York Times reported Monday that the State Dept. assisted the Iraq oil ministry in rewarding these contracts.

The nature of this assistance and how much it's dictated Iraqi oil deals is unknown. Surely, though, Rice will immediately respond to Waxman's questions and the matter will quickly be settled.

Ya think so?

Is it just possible that George knows all about oil and where the price will be headed - and when to clean up financially like he did with Arbusto and his insider trading deals? This is a man so close to Prince Bandar and the Saudi Royal Family that they hold hands while waltzing down the lane of the Crawford ranch. And this is a man so prone to secrecy that none of his records as Governor of Texas are available to the public (they're under lock and key at his father's Presidential Library).

This man comes from an oil-rich family and has made his money with very dubious methods. He's back-slapped his way to the White House. The concept of "cronyism" has been rekindled in his administration. He has secrets. His secrets have secrets. He wanted war for oil BEFORE 9/11. I'm too tired to say "Wake up, America!" Go to sleep. When you wake up, the only memory you'll have of George W. Bush will be at the gas pump: $10 per gallon. Oh, and that picture of your son who served in Iraq.