Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If McCain Can Distance Himself From Parsley and Hagee, Why Not Scheunemann?

Is John McCain

So John McCain doesn't know how many houses he has. Fine. He doesn't know about the doctrines of Rod Parsley or John Hagee. O.K. Now he seems to know nothing about one of his top advisers. He's looking clueless.

We've talked about Randy Scheunemann - Sen. John McCain foreign policy adviser- before, but let's recap:

Schueneman's scorecard to date:

  • President of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq created by Project for New American Century
  • Board member of New American Century
  • Former Security Aide for Trent Lott
  • Associated with Iraqi exile Ahmad Chalabi
  • Adviser to former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld
  • Co-owner of Washington Lobbying firm Orion Strategies which lobbied for Caspian Alliance and the NRA
  • Paid lobbyist (5 yrs) for Stephen Payne who is being investigated for soliciting meetings with Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice in exchange for donations to the George W. Bush Presidential Library.
  • Registered lobbyist for the Republic of Georgia and under a $200,000 contract when Presidential hopeful John McCain was encouraged to speak to Georgia President Mikheil Saakashvili


In 2007, when Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), introduced a bill prohibiting gun sales to suspected terrorists, Schuenemann lobbied against the bill on behalf of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (a gun-maker’s association).

Hinting at yet another conflict of interest, the McCain campaign “refused to answer questions about whether the senator supports or opposes the White House plan to close the loophole” giving expanded gun rights to terrorists, reports Newsweek.

John McCain doesn't seem to know anything about the people who endorse him nor about the people who are his advisers.


Just a thought.

And if he's gonna be "McSame",
he's certainly gonna be CLUELESS.

It's Idaho For Crissakes!

One Hallmark Card You Won't See... In Idaho!

Last week, Hallmark began producing greeting cards that recognize the unions between same-sex couples. Soon after, the American Family Association announced that it was launching a protest of Hallmark, claiming that the company was “promoting a lifestyle” that is “unhealthy.” Now, the AP is reporting that seven Hallmark stores in Idaho are refusing to carry the new same-sex marriage card.

C'mon people! We're talking IDAHO! The state's so backward even Bo Gritz was forced to leave it for Nevada!

And Idaho Senator Larry Craig...need we say more?

The American Family Association also has a rather jaundiced view against gays: In 2007, the AFA spoke out against IKEA for featuring homosexual families in their television ads

(NOTE: The founder of the AFA, David Wildman, has been cited by The Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Congress as extremely anti-Semitic and the California AFA leader, Scott Lively, is co-founder of Watchmen on the Walls, an extremist group that promotes violence against gays)