Friday, February 4, 2011

Would You Go To THIS GUY'S Church?

Just when you thought you'd found a place to pray in peace...

Guns in church. Yup, why our forefathers carried guns in church. I'm sure that good ole' Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett petted their rifles when listening to a good parson's Sunday sermon. Injuns roamed the countryside  scalpin' and rapin' and they had to keep a lookout fer rogue bears, too. What ya gonna do? Things was wild back then. Mighty wild.

So, are things any different today? Since bears and coyotes seem more afraid of a church full of Christians, and since most Native American tribes were starved, relocated and thinned out for purposes of submission, what's the matter?  Yes, terrorists roam the land. Crazies own the streets. But are those reasons to arm ourselves in church? Self defense? I get it, but somehow self-defense in church seems oddly oxymoronic: did Christ shoot it out with the Romans and the Pharisees?

The video posits a good reason for a WWJD kind of thinking.