Friday, November 16, 2012

Worst Ad EVER!

Does the NRA have anything to do with this?
You Bet!!!

Obama Won, FOX Lost: Will Murdoch's Minions Survive?

More than a week after the election, the inept machination of FOX News are still coming to light, and one media watchdog is now petitioning the FCC to revoke FOX's license: siting a 6-month old study by Farleigh Dickinson University, is requesting the FCC take action against Rupert Murdoch's evil empire:
FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION: Rupert Murdoch has failed every “character” test available, and the programs under his broadcasting licenses have both been implicated in scandal and have been proven to make audiences less informed, not more. We urge you to revoke Murdoch’s broadcasting licenses immediately, and to take a stand against his corrupt media empire.
The petition has 45,000 signatures so far (100,000 needed for the FCC to consider it).

I doubt that anything will come of this, but it's interesting to note that someone is taking the time to do something about FOX's "Faux" news.