Monday, June 23, 2008

OMG! Bruce Vallanche Is NOT A Values Voters Summit Guest!

And Neither Are These People:

Top Row: San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, George Takei (Star Trek), Harvey Fierstein, Rep. Barney Frank.
Second Row: Brokeback Mountain Cowboys, Mary Cheney, Al Franken, aaah, someone famous in the 70s

So who IS confirmed to attend Tony Perkins' little homophobe/anti-everything party?

" In order to drum up sales, the group is running a promo page of pics featuring 24 named speakers. Only problem? Only 10 of these names -- ones that mostly make up the lesser-known, more conservative contingent -- have actually confirmed that they'll be in attendance:

1. Gary Bauer

Supporter of the death penalty. Opposes cloning and embryonic stem cell research. Supports a Constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. Prefers abstinence programs to comprehensive sex education programs. Wants to remove from the tax code all economic disincentives to marry.

2. Dr. William Bennet (Former Secretary of Education under Reagan)

Detests today's schools and education system. Wants to "open the teaching profession to knowledgeable individuals who have not graduated from 'schools of education'". Hates multicultural courses.

3. Chuck Colson (One of the Watergate Seven who now heads up a prison ministry). Born again. Received the Templeton Prize for advancing the cause of religion.

4. Newt Gingrich (Former Speaker of the House of Representatives) Likes divorcing wives while they are in the hospital.

5. David Horowitz - Likes going from extreme left (political aide to Bertrand Russell) to extreme right (author of Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left.)

6. Star Parker - Recipient of four abortions and welfare.Born again. Opposes the welfare system. Claims stable families can cure poverty. Last year's Values Voters Summit guest.

7. Phyllis Schlafly - Likes to give out disinformation about sex education. Opposes federally funded day care. Like to think of sex education classes as "in-home sales parties for abortions." Thinks sex should happen only between one man and a woman who is his wife.

8. Alan Sears (President and CEO of Alliance Defense Fund) Likes being the toady of Pat Robertson. Opposes Roe v. Wade except what it brings in legal fees.. Campaigns for freedom of religion. (Of course, only Christianity)

9. Michael Steele. Opposes to abortion including in cases of rape and incest. Supports free trade, tax cuts, school vouchers, welfare reform and tort reform. Opposes gay adoption and supports a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

10. Tony Perkins - president of FRC and host of the event (but nonetheless thinks of himself as important enough to include himself on the roster of notables)

Now look at the list of advertised invitees and ask yourself, "WHY HAVEN'T THESE OTHER PEOPLE CONFIRMED SUCH AN IMPORTANT EVENT?" Have they scheduled that date to , uh, wash their hair?

Picture 4-145

To Someone Who Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Attending The Values Voters Summit

George Carlin, 1937-2008
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Dear George:

Thanks for all your irreverence. It not only made me laugh, but it made me think. That's what you did so well: you made us think.

Have a wonderful time in heaven. I'm sure you'll make God think too.

Gay: Proud Profane Pejorative Populous

This Monday marks the beginning of Pride Week in San Francisco. People from all over the world will descend upon the City to see movies, attend cultural events, see exhibits (and exhibit themselves as well) and march/ogle at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. Up to one million people will be milling around the City. That doesn't mean, however, that there are only one million queers in the country.

I stand by the old Kinsey guestimate at 10%. "Nonsense, that figure has been disputed countless times" say the Christofascists, Fundamentalists, Rightwing Evangelicals - and Fred Phelps. It's not that I have an agenda or anything, it's just that I think human nature has a lot more to do with a 10% outlook. Of course, that would make 30 million Americans gay, or at least bi-sexual... or "curious" (I hate that term - it sounds like research). And I'm proud enough to say 30 million wouldn't be a bad figure at all.

In the past, Americans have prided themselves on their diversity. In today's climate, however, where diversity can sometimes be frowned upon as somehow UN-American ("Diversity = Perversity), Americans have found themselves divided by a "culture war".

And it is truly a war. And waving an American flag won't tag you as someone on the right side.