Sunday, June 15, 2008


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I suppose you could say that this parody is more appropriate today than ever. When a snake oil salesman starts believing in his own snake oil, his lies become even more outrageous. The Republican nominee for his post, has not yet asked him to campaign for him, nor will he. Very few people believe poor George anymore, and the sad thing is that he doesn't really care.

It's My Birthday and I'll Blog About Tony Perkins If I Want To! And Televangelists and ....

...Everyone Is Fair Game Today!!

This is a day when I get to say silly things about silly people. Of course, that doesn't mean they're not true. It just means that dumbass people beget dumbass remarks about them. And it's fun to be outlandish once in a while. Some of these people know that feeling all too well.

Tony Perkins: a cog in the wheel of James Dobson's plans to bring about a theocracy. He graduated from Regent University, so I suppose some of Pat Robertson has rubbed off on him. I hope that in twenty years, he'll look, sound and act like Robertson - that should be penalty enough.

Pat Robertson: senile? Yes... for the last twenty years. The sobriquets of "loony tune" "insane" "crazy" have always rolled off him and are completely ignored by his followers. Call him "stupid", or, better yet, "irrelevant" and you will see sparks fly! This guy has worked all his life to be noticed and put on a pedestal just as his father, the Dixiecrat, Senator Absolom Willis Robertson would have it.

Rod Parsley: sage, rosemary and thyme won't make him taste any better to sane, reasonable people. His military rhetoric encourages people to kill each other. He's a self-made man who would have been better off making himself into a rock than a egotistically righteous reverend who is as transparent in his ministry's finances as a brick wall. Of course, if you're Rod Parsley, you've been blessed with x-ray vision.

Ann Coulter (geist): Notice that every time she appears on a talk show to hawk a book, she wears a very tight skirt...and an even tighter face. Why do she remind me of a palomino? When she goes to England, does Princess Anne try to ride her? Of course, she has a modicum of poise compared to...

Michelle Malkin. She has rants in her pants: is there anyone she actually likes? Hitler, possibly.
Anyone who says Japanese internment during WWII was a good thing does not have a heart of gold. Not even brass. Not even igneous rock. She must hate her parents for her Asian features because she hates anyone who might be ______ American which is, to her, not 100% American.

Pastor John Hagee: he needs to go on a serious diet(of sanity) or he'll explode. The man loves Jews so much that he tells them to eradicate Palestinians. He's never heard of ethnic cleansing or genocide.

Whew!! That was FUN!