Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hagee Couldn't Build Gas Chambers for Jews - How About Homosexuals?

May 23, 2008
Washington Post,
Updated 5:10 p.m.
By Juliet Eilperin and Michelle Boorstein

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) today rejected the endorsement of megachurch pastor and ardent Zionist John Hagee after learning of a sermon in which Hagee posited that Nazism was God's will.

Supposedly to get them back to Israel. Yeah, right.

Hagee's exegesis (interpretation) of the Bible is so skewed as to be laughable. The problem with that exegesis (besides pronouncing it) is that this portrays God as an incredibly vengeful monster who cares only that His creations do His will. Another problem is that there are people who (yes) actually believe Hagee. And while Hagee stated that the recording of his statement was taken out of context, his philosophy on the way God works would be taken incorrectly by anyone. In other words they believe what they think Hagee is saying. Their exegesis of Hagee, is Hagee's fault, not theirs. His "flock" doesn't have time to sift through every nuance of his sermons. They want religion/spirituality spelled out for them in the easiest way possible. They come to his show/church to be entertained by what they hear and see, not to think or parse about the subject. Hagee knows that he has to hand them ideas on a silver platter with very few requests to labor over what he says. They have to take whatever Hagee says at face value.

And the face value is ... to get the Jews back to the true Israel, we're gonna have to kill a whole lot of Palestinians, and possibly all of Islam. To make sure that the earth is ready for the second coming, we have to try to make all of earth's inhabitants Christian-pure. That means, for example, no homosexuality.

May 24th is the day that Adolf Mengele took control as chief medical officer at Auschwitz. He experimented on all sorts of people (including homosexuals), but he preferred children - especially twins - and dwarfs. Below is a picture taken of some of his "children."

(From USA Today, AP, 1-28-2005)

At Auschwitz, Mengele was responsible for what came to be known as "selection," choosing who was fit for slave labor and who was to die in the gas chambers. He was also fascinated by twins on whom he experimented.

"He would tell little children to sit on his lap and tell them to call him 'uncle,' 'uncle Mengele' and sometimes give them a sweet — and in the same tone of voice that he said 'I'm uncle Mengele,' he would tell the officials to give them a lethal injection," Martha Weiss, a survivor of his experimental ward, told the Associated Press recently.

Would God WANT that to happen to children? Hagee has a very, very perverted sense of justice, not to mention God.

We are on the brink of an age of genetic engineering. If alive and well today, Mengele no doubt would be in the forefront trying to create the "perfect" man. Hagee probably wonders if homosexuality can be "engineered" out of people before birth. However, since he wants the Second Coming as soon as possible, he might not mind a bit of "sexual orientation cleansing." And when people take him for "the gospel truth," he might wince slightly at the results.