Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shooting Bears At Yellowstone With A 45

In another of the Bush administration’s awesome midnight rule changes, the White House announced Friday that visitors to national parks may now carry concealed loaded weapons. For what purpose, we can’t be sure. But I suppose the threat of moose in Yellowstone and anemones in Acadia justifies the choice (not really).

What has to be the most asinine lift of regulations is true: you can carry concealed weapons into parks like Yosemite and Yellowstone and shoot just about everything but a park ranger.

WTF?!? Why does ANYONE need a concealed weapon in a national park? Does B**h have some arcane knowledge of terrorists lurking behind giant sequoias or throwing bombs in "Old Faithful"? Is THIS what the NRA's been fighting for for years? How idiotic can you get? Or is that: how patronizing can you get? Does an outgoing president need so desperately to deregulate everything, he'll shoot protected deer and grizzly bears to do it?

On behalf of wildlife everywhere: get this guy out before he endangers sparrows and seagulls!

...And a warning: the next time you go to Yosemite and meet a "Sam", make sure his first name is "Yosemite" and not "Son of".

Obama's Got A Secret!

What? An Administration Without Secrets?
That's Un-American!

Uh, actually Obama doesn't seem to have any secrets, at least until January 20th.

(The Washington Independent)
Obama Transition to Release Details of Meetings with Outside Groups

The Associated Press is reporting that the Obama-Biden transition team plans to release details and documents relating to all of the transition’s meetings with outside groups. Citing an internal memo, AP says the policy is effective immediately and will cover the entire time between the Nov. 4 election and the Jan. 20 inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama.

The policy does not extend to the administration, though Obama could institute the same requirements once he is president.

...Such a policy after Inauguration Day would represent an unprecedented level of transparency, and would be a welcome change from the days when lawsuits and leaks were the only way to get information from the executive branch about, for example, what interest groups were allowed to formulate the nation’s energy policy.

One of the most "openly secretive" administrations in recent history may come to an (ignominious) end. And with it, the end of some very dubious careers.

Pat Robertson or Rick Warren - Which Is Which?

Just how much influence does a Hawaiian shirt have?

Now everyone knows that Rick Warren wants us to assassinate Iran's President Ahmadinejad and bomb Iran because the Bible says we should. Will that float? Apparently he thinks so. Then again, Pat Robertson was reprimanded and mocked for his comments about Chavez and Sharon. Will Warren recant?

Don't bet on it. After all, he's the hot new preacher in town and he knows it and he's playing it for all it's worth! How will he know when he's gone too far? Don't know. But come the day when Warren starts believing in his own snake oil...

Then again, it was on FOX News, so maybe it didn't count. You watch it:

Mike Wallace Sucks Up To Cheney-B**h Big Time

(From Think Progess - Matt Corley):

Last Monday, at a screening of Ron Howard’s new film “Frost/Nixon,” Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace vociferously defended President Bush against criticism by Howard that Bush has abused the office of the presidency in a way similar to President Richard Nixon.
And then... Wallace attended a party where...viola! Dick Cheney appeared and said to him:

“...thank you so much for defending the president and yes I’m going to be giving you a special exit interview in a couple of weeks”

But didn't B**h abuse his power? Let's mention Valerie Plame and nine fired U.S. attorneys (for which Cheney has been indicted)

They don't call it FAUX News for nothin'

Just a thought.