Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Overnight Saintliness of Bryan Fischer

Read this. 

Justices Roberts, Scalia, and Thomas are all wrong in their ruling on the reprehensible Westboro Baptist Church protests at military funerals. Alito alone is right. As he says, the First Amendment is "not a license for vicious verbal assault." The gay-haters at Westboro have plenty of free speech avenues open to them - books, articles, video, audio, TV, radio, public forums, internet postings, emails etc. But they do not have a right to "intentionally inflict severe emotional injury on private persons." The Supremes in this 8-1 decision have taken ugliness off its leash, turned it loose, and legitimized the most vile forms of public verbal attack. They have cried havoc and let slip the dogs of vitriol. 

It's truly amazing!! ...

That Bryan Fischer thinks people will believe this crap!! OK, here comes the REAL reason for his rant:

The only upside here is that if the Supreme Court says it’s okay to say “God hates fags” - something that’s not even true, since the truth is the God loves homosexuals enough that he sent his only Son to die for them - then it certainly must be okay for students in a classroom, for public officials, and for radio talk show hosts to express reasoned and rational criticism of homosexual conduct without any kind of penalty whatsoever. We just need to tell heterophobes and Christophobes to get a grip, lighten up, back off, and read the Supreme Court’s Westboro ruling and go away. 

A backhanded move if ever there was one. 
And what exactly are "the dogs of vitriol"? A new group?

The Marquis de Sade Never Had It So Good: Phelps Is Making A Hell On Earth

Get Ready for Four Times The Hate... And Four Times The Pain!

The inmates of that asylum called Westboro Baptist Church have announced that since they have won the battle of  free speech, they will "quadruple" their assault on America and its evil ways. 

The irony about their methods of "love" in trying to save us from damnation is that they've created a hell on earth.

They are not alone, however. Far from it: there exist people and groups who are doing their best to make life hell for the rest of us. Whether we feel the lash of theocracy, are stretched on the rack by their corporate sponsors, or are placed in the embrace of the iron maiden of endless proselytizing, they will enjoy our pain and tell us that they are doing it because they "love" us. 

But perhaps the worst of all tortures is enduring their horrendously righteous arrogance, shutting off the rest of the world's philosophies from our existence, for no one is as virtuously good, as sublimely compassionate, yet as stupendously humble as they. 

In other words, in a hell on earth, the righteously arrogant will enjoy themselves immensely. 

The Marquis De Sade never had it so good.