Sunday, August 16, 2009

When Comedy Meets Tragedy: Barack Obama As The Anti-Christ

OK, this video is hilarious. This video claims to feature only "facts." This video belongs in the Creation Museum among the Dinosaurs playing with Adam and Eve. This video is a convoluted attempt to smear Barack Obama.

This video is also dangerously provocative to the self-righteous, to the uneducated and to the brain dead people who are packing guns at town hall meetings or standing outside the meetings with scribbled signs like "Death to Obama, Michelle and her two stupid kids." This video is also insulting to the memory of Jesus who would probably destroy his loving image by throttling the guy who made it.

Here with commentary after the fold.

Get all that? If not, play it again and take notes:

1. Aramaic is not just as ancient as Hebrew. Aramaic is akin to Hebrew but not exactly like it. Isaiah might have spoken Aramaic, but that's highly doubtful since Aramaic did not gain prominence until after the Babylonian captivity (centuries after Isaiah).

2. The video was fraudulent from start to finish.

3. The producer of the video was afraid to identify himself.

4. Hebrews at the time did not have the concepts of heaven, hell, or Satan that we have today. (BTW, in Greek Satan - saitan - meant only a spirit as well as daemon -demon)

5. Scholars (Biblical textual analysts) would dispute the validity of any of the video's "facts."

6. The video was not edited, especially obvious is the misspelling of "heights".

Since July 28, the video has had over 30,000 views. Not bad. The only thing missing that would have added cache to it would have been a name with an "Rev." in front of it. That always gets the rubes every time. How long are we going to put up with charlatans and Gantries who will do anything for their own agenda, religious or not? Who will lie, cheat, steal, murder while making others lie, cheat, steal and murder. We've put up with them for millennia.

I wish we could shut them up, but then that would not be treating them as we would have them treat us.

Just a thought.